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The Heretic’s Guide To Lent

How to observe Lent as a religiously averse spiritual person I used to think lent was just another way for Catholics to flagellate themselves yet again. I used to think how dumb it was to remove something you liked from your life, all because… it was going to make...

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The Law Of Love

Hey Love, I actually remember the first time somebody called me “Love” as a salutation. It was my boyfriend’s mother in the year 2000. I was 17-ish. And my first inner-inclination was: WHO TF YOU TALKIN’ TO AND LOVE IS NOT WHAT YOU CALL PEOPLE! I was so confused and...

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Turn Your Burdens Into Miracles

How many grudges do you carry or past experiences do you still hold on to? Taurus is my main signature energy laced with a LOT of Scorpio and I DEFINITELY understand a good ol’ grudge. Even though peace, love, and power are my M.O., something within me naturally holds...

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How To Activate Your Badass Within

Whenever I do those exercises where you are supposed to ask people to describe you, most times the word “badass” is one of them. "You’re so ba-DASS" they’d say, with an infliction on the "dass" part. Other times I get both syllables exclaimed like you are a BAD...

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How To Be Successful The Spiritual Way

Success as a set of actions, not an acquisition I just read an article about somebody googling how to be successful and it got me thinking. That person googling it must have been looking for a ten-step process to “get success”. As if success is somewhere to get it....

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What Are Galactic Attachments?

What Are Galactic Attachments? The first one latched on when I was five years old, she said. I have been living with an interloper in my energy field my whole life. I actually can only remember 1 or 2 things before it entered my life. It had attached itself under my...

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How do I know if I should quit or keep going?

How do I know if I should quit or keep going? I ask this question a lot to myself. When it is good to keep striving to reach your goal, and when is it okay to give up and throw in the towel and chalk it up to another learning? I am a believer in the “pull, don’t push”...

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Hierarchy is sooo last astrological age

My name is Nikki and I’m a Priestess. There I said it. And to be honest, I still don’t like it. I don’t like hierarchy. I don’t like anything that feels one-up or one-down from another. I don’t like anything that feels or claims to be superior over anything else. I...

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Why Do I Feel Sleazy When I’m Selling?

Why Do I Feel Sleazy When I’m Selling? The Fictional Used Car Salesman Everyone's got that picture in their head of the greasy hair slicked over to the side, plaid full-body suit, fake alligator shoes and a bad attitude guy. The fictional used car salesman. As a...

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