Ooof- in the last few days several people have told me my prices are too high to work with me, but they want to. That’s totally a good thing to know about yourself. It doesn’t make me or you bad or wrong. But I do want to address something for the sake of removing illusions and alchemical expansion. 


I’ve seen people out there doing what I do for $700/ hour, simply channeling messages. It doesn’t matter what you charge. You could charge nothing and still have no one take it.  

What it is is an invitation to look at your priorities. Working with someone never comes easy. It should be a struggle. That’s a part of how you get results and change. 

Hiring mentors is a necessity at the highest level, yet our culture doesn’t give us the message. Our message is save save save, doom is coming, mentors should be free, make sure you have security (as if that even exists), buy more or travel more to run away from our problems, and never stretch to change your limits on what’s possible. 

Staying locked in one way of saving and spending $ since you were 12 is not going to change your money/happiness/fulfillment situation. Those things are directly correlated to how different you’re willing to be.

I’ve spent nearly $170k on expanders and mentors. I didn’t become a badass, wise, grounded priestess by myself. I had to pay for college, pay for mentors and pay for experiences and information to give me what I needed. 

In this day and age, if you want to advance, be happy or feel better, you need to expand your consciousness. And that shit does not come for free. Nor does it come on your own. You think droves of light workers incarnated here for none of them to be able to make a living doing their gifts? No! You need them just as much as they need you. You can’t be a lightworker without anything to work on. You can’t be a teacher without students. You can’t be a mentor without mentees. You can’t be an energy healer without anyone who needs healing. 

You are buying a mirror, someone to show you your shadow and then help you recreate a new expansive version of you through integration. You are buying information that expands you in the direction you want to go in (despite the world thinking info is perpetually free now because of the internet). You are buying alchemical transformation. 

Guess what? In my general life (I will not play into the illusion this came from one business alone), I had a 6 figure month. This month, will be 5. It’s inconsistent. But it’s also a reflection of the growth I’ve created for myself by stretching, getting uncomfortable and claiming my rightful space. You want more, you’ve got to be different to get it. 

It’s time to get creative, rebudget, find ways to get the resources you need to buy something that expands you. Otherwise, it’s not a priority for you. It’s just a nice to have. And that’s ok. 

Just own it so you don’t spin around in a cycle of how you want to be happy/expanded/at peace but can’t right now. When you own your priorities you are one step closer to owning your values and therefore who you truly are. And when that triggers you, congrats. You’ve found your shadow.

And I’ll be here when you reach that point 😉 

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