Alchemize Your Vibe Testimonials

I had a fear of being seen, of being judged, and “not being good enough” for all I wanted to do. This is what I came to Alchemize your vibe believing I needed to work on and heal anyway but wow I had a lot more to work on that I hadn’t even acknowledged or recognized before I started to work with Nikki. This issue impacted my life in every way possible, from lacking speaking up properly for myself to blaming others and just generally chasing my own tail to get through a day without feeling overwhelmed from my own lack of self-confidence.

I was certain I was joining from the day I discovered it but of course, fear did kick in massively at times, fear of being seen and having to be vulnerable and especially as it was online. I began AYV with a massive fear of being seen online especially in video call form as I have always been a more hands-on face-to-face person, but I did it anyway because these fears and doubts are what needed work in the first place. Being online opens us to so many more opportunities and so many more people and it was one of my reasons for joining, if I had let the fear continue to overwhelm me I would never have moved forward.

My experience in AYV was more than I ever expected it would be. I showed up to the first class so nervous I could barely speak, my first words were just that, that I was there to overcome my ridiculous all-consuming fear of being seen that really did run so deep I didn’t know how I would ever move forward in a world that was moving online and I felt desperate, stuck and terrified I would never be able to change it. I am someone who has only ever attended classes, coaching etc.. in person or in large online classes where you can get away with just turning off your camera and listening. It all probably sounds silly to anyone who is comfortable being present online but it is something I had resisted to an unhealthy level and now after 12 weeks I look back and think why?? AYV has changed my whole outlook on being seen and heard and also listening to others, our group in AYV are beyond inspiring and I feel blessed to have gone on this journey with such supportive like-minded women. I have never felt so supported, so listened to and so able to be vulnerable and honest knowing I will be met with full understanding and suggestions to help. The same goes for listening to and supporting the other ladies in AYV, I feel we were a team in this group, we came in with our individual problems and we left as a group who have held each other through some of the toughest realizations and healing we will likely do. I am quite emotional thinking that AYV has come to an end and I have worked through all I hoped to, but I am also leaving with new true friendships too.

I began AYV thinking I had done so much healing already and that I only had this last hurdle of being seen to overcome, now I think wow how naive and shut off was I from my true feelings and experiences. I entered AYV pretty shy and nervous but also with a burning anger in my stomach at the world and all that was happening in it and I didn’t even know I was carrying it, let alone why. I am leaving with compassion for all that I didn’t even know was possible and a whole new outlook on life. Until we truly know where our triggers and pain come from, what’s being mirrored to us in all the blame we put out, and how we are acting from a place of our own wounds and conditioned thoughts we can’t truly heal no matter how we try to. I was sure I was living a conscious life and observing instead of reacting to all around me but I was actually fooling myself, I was constantly in a state of reaction and on alert for the next time I might be judged or ridiculed. Nikki helped break down the walls I had put up, walls of protection I didn’t even believe were there anymore, I feel she helped take me apart, like I was a puzzle forcefully wedged together just well enough to stay intact through the days, then while I was in pieces I was held by Nikki and our group in a safe place where I could identify each piece of me, where I was holding the pain and what it had stemmed from and what ways it was causing me to react, then as these pieces were named they started to reattach, but in the correct order, until I was whole again. This sounds like a crazy way to explain how AYV has improved my situation and changed me so much for the better but it is the way that always pops into my head to explain what has happened through my AYV journey. AYV has left me not scared of judgment anymore, it’s left me able to exert boundaries in a way that I never even knew healthy boundaries existed and I am in a place where I look forward to class instead of fearing using my voice and being seen. I could honestly write pages and pages on how much my life, outlook, and confidence have improved since beginning AYV, I’m not even sure if Nikki realises the extent they impact the work in AYV has had….but I hope she does!!

I really benefited from learning that it is perfectly fine to not have all the answers straight away, it is perfectly fine to not understand everything immediately and it is okay to actually not even be able to find words instantly within all situations. These were big things for me and it is heartbreaking to realise from childhood through to adulthood just how much pressure I put on myself because of the belief I needed to always instantly respond to everyone and everything. I blocked the feminine part of me that needs to feel before she speaks, that likes to absorb and embrace things before she responds and I will never feel shame or guilt for choosing to not instantly respond in the way we think we should ever again. Never did I know until now I was doing this and it has changed my life, the relief and pressure that has been lifted in realising all this is huge and just shows the depths AYV can go to that you don’t even know exist or are causing you problems.

Since joining AYV my outlook on life, what I can add to it, and what I want from it have changed completely. I don’t feel guilt and shame around doing what is best for me anymore and I have set boundaries around people and situations that I never thought I would be able to and some I believed I had worked on already but I hadn’t and AYV showed me that. I spent my life keeping everybody happy and comfortable and dimming myself. A big thing I have learnt too is that boundaries work two ways, I am much more conscious of how I treat others too, I used to be one for offering up uninvited advice and getting frustrated when things weren’t seen along the same lines as I see them. Now I truly have compassion for all and realise we all act from the place we are viewing life from, I only offer advice when asked and this is a big thing for me as I was previously so desperate to please and help everyone that I thought I was helping when really I was seeking approval and crossing boundaries in doing so….I don’t require approval from anyone but myself now just as others don’t require approval from me, I now understand coming from a place of grace instead of a place of reaction and it makes life a beautiful and calm place to be. The inner child work done within AYV has healed so many wounds and relationships for me, I don’t hold blame with anyone anymore and I also don’t function from the place of my scared and judged inner child, I accept her and she is looked after by the adult me who is in control and shows her it is safe to be seen and heard. Another thing that has come from the inner child work is the way I have looked at my own parenting through it. I feel much more conscious as a parent and want to help break the line of passing on trauma, hurt and conditioning onto my children. My whole life, in general, has changed for the better because of AYV in so many ways, the true acceptance of the divine feminine within me has been emotional, the realisation of the extent I blocked it without even knowing, functioning from the masculine because that is all we are shown and it’s exhausting! I now understand the beauty in silence, the beauty, and grace in feeling instead of reacting “as i should” and this is truly one of the biggest things for me. I joined AYV with the intention of undoing whatever had caused me such a fear of being seen but I have achieved that and so much more…things I would never of considered without Nikki shining a light on them. Through my life I have been constantly seeking validation and identity without even knowing it, always believing the next course or coach will be my breakthrough and I will find my feet and purpose through it. About half way through AYV I realised this and it shocked me, I hadn’t realised to what extent I had never formed a solid identity for myself as someone who was thrown into adulthood at a very young age I always looked externally to other adults to tell me who I was and give me validation. I am not in that place anymore and feel like a blank slate excited for the future, excited to sit with myself in the stillness of my now calm mind and find my future self, the me who speaks from a place of solid belief and sovereignty, who is happy in her own body and mind, the Me that I have been waiting for, the Me that Nikki and the AYV ladies helped me find.

To anyone considering joining Alchemize your vibe, I cannot express to you enough how much you should. If you feel called there is a reason, and you will go in with that reason but you will come away having worked on and gained so much more! Nikki has a gift at seeing what is causing you pain or hurt and giving you the tools to transform it, she teaches the alchemizing and transforming of emotion and healing in a way that I never knew existed. I don’t believe there is anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with Nikki in this way and there is no better or safer place to do this work than with Nikki and in the group style of AYV. I went in with a fear of being seen and judged, I left with confidence and a true understanding of the strength and healing that occurs when women come together and heal together.

Gemma W.

Feb 26, 2021 Wales

Before finding Nikki and her Alchemize your vibe class, I simply hated myself inside and out. For so long I had struggled with being anxious and depressed. I always longed for happiness without fear of having the other shoe drop the second I found that happiness. I was at a point in my life where I felt rock bottom was all that was left for me. I wasn’t functioning, and my manifesting abilities were only getting me into a worse position. I was even apprehensive to join because I was worried I would invest in another failure for myself. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I was welcomed with the widest open arms ever. I found my soul sisters and was able to connect to the world.

The person I was 12 weeks before would have doubted the possibility of being as happy as I am now. Feeling accepted and having people help me get back up when I was down changed everything in me. Learning everything I needed to make me a better person, I am no longer desperate to be accepted or loved because I found it within myself. Things have begun falling into place and my manifesting abilities have never been better. Using practical tools to be able to build good boundaries for myself have stopped the emotional vampires from feeding off my light. The divine feminine in you will thank you for finding her and letting her live where she deserves. I didn’t believe I would ever make my life work for me; I always felt I worked for it, nothing but a punching bag for the universe to hit at its leisure. Now everything works for me, because I tell it to, because I believe it to.

I am nowhere near a perfect person, but the lessons I have learned from AYV have built such a strong foundation for me to build a beautiful life and keep my soul nurtured that bad days no longer last more than a day. I have never been this happy in my whole life, and it’s all thanks to AYV and Nikki’s love, guidance, and knowledge. This is the one experience in my life that will forever be worth it because I learned to be exactly who I was meant to. 

Aria J.

Feb 27, 2021, California

Before AYV I didn’t feel like I was enough – on the inside and on the outside, as well as in my personal life or in my business. I was always struggling with a belief that I should be able to do more and be more and better – especially in the measurable masculine way. I felt like no matter what I did it never worked out for me. No matter what coach, mentor, program, or online course I invested in, I never felt like I had the big breakthrough and glory moment you always read about in the review.

I felt like manifesting was something everyone talked about but only worked out for me occasionally. Doing AYV, I had many small but still very big light bulb moments. Moments where many parts of my journey, beliefs, and patterns got very clear to me and fell into a place where I could accept, embrace and allow myself to become.

I almost didn’t sign up because of the BS excuses of not having time, added with time zone differences, money, and most of all because I was worried that this would be just another course not changes much. To me, it was a big deal dedicating 1 night a week to me, my inner work, and to myself away from family time. Asking for time and committing to myself was a big deal already before the course has started. However, I can’t express enough how happy I am that I didn’t listen to my ego and BS excuses and signed up anyway.

It has been truly amazing.

I don’t even know where to start to tell you about it. The space. The learning. The accepting. The information. The love. The support. The openness. It has all been beyond my imagination. My soul is smiling and dancing with ease and joy for every step I have taken towards becoming more of me and getting closer to my desires.

I have embraced, accepted, and am loving more of me now than I have ever done before. I now trust that I have the answers inside of me and what I feel is okay, no matter what others think and believe. The accountability every week, 1:1 sessions with Nikki, and the ongoing group chat really made me see my own changes and helped me make my own path valid. All the thousands of small steps have added up to a quantum leap in just one season.

It blows my mind how much we have covered and how much I have alchemized in such a short amount of time.

Nikki is such an amazing soul, teacher, leader, and coach. The way she cares and authentically shares herself, her experience, and her journey are so unique – like no other I have ever met. I think the part where I realized how much my ego has kept me locked in fear, in believing that nothing works for me and I have to work extra hard, was the biggest game-changer for me. The switch to instead seeing my own changes, power, and how much I am capable of when embracing my own female power instead of doing the hardcore masculine way that so clearly doesn’t work for me.

AYV has had a big impact on my energy and the way I handle my boundaries – from not respecting my own needs to getting better and better at seeing them, speaking them out loud, and taking action on them. This also affects my anger because I don’t numb it anymore. I now know it’s an invitation to look at where I’m not listening and respecting my own needs. Being clearer about my boundaries has also had a good effect on my relationships, as I’m so much more clear in what I want and need.

AYV amazed me every week. Not one week where I didn’t feel like showing up or didn’t make it. I made AYV and me a priority and the result is I now feel good and now know with every cell in my body that I’m enough. I believe everything will work out for me and my business even though I don’t know how.

I find it easier now than before to let go of the how but instead create the masculine container for the feminine flow to show up in and that’s the way all the magic is happening. I find that letting go of the strive for perfection and instead expressing myself in all kinds of small ways creates a joyful life at a whole another level.

If you are feeling drawn to AYV, have looked at the pages more than once, then: Do it! You owe it to yourself, your dreams, and your family. With Nikki as your teacher and the space of AYV there are so many big small steps every week and the effect of the changes you make for you and in your life will have a ripple effect.

You won’t regret it.

Thank you, Nikki for all that you do, the space you created, for all your teaching, and all your love and support. I’m sincerely grateful for the 12 weeks with you and the other AYV ladies <3

Pernille S.

Mar 6, 2021, Denmark

I discovered AYV when Nikki had replied to a conversation that we were having saying that she would be starting a group that I might be interested in, to help with my self-discovery (exactly what I was looking for). I was really looking for a trusted place to find self-growth, self-love, self-discovery.

AYV has really impacted my life because ​​I was feeling trapped, every day seemed to be the same and I couldn’t grow, or go within. I needed more than meditation to heal my wounds. I almost didn’t join because I had a lot of self-doubt, I thought I could do it all on my own without any help.

My experience inside AYV was special. The warmth that was in the group was amazing. I felt loved and cared for by each of the girls. Nikki welcomed me in and knew exactly what was needed at each stage of the program. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, even the lows, that I know were a key point for the program to work. My situation has improved immensely. My whole family have felt the effects of AYV, from the very first call my parenting changed which impacted my children. My partner started to change his parenting because mine was changing. My son has changed the most, his smile has changed, his attitude, he’s happier in himself, he started to achieve more in school and outside of school, pushing himself further than I’ve ever asked him to, which makes me grateful for AYV.

Things have started to fall into place around our lives and I couldn’t be happier right now. I really benefitted from The group chat, that was the one thing I could go to straight away when my feelings got hard. Even though we’re all in different time zones, the girls were all there if needed. Since the very first day I signed up for AYV I had £600 go into the bank, I successfully completed my college course with a distinction in psychology, which never happened my whole year at college, I got into university, my son continuously won his races, and achieved 3 extra certificates at school (he’s had 1 the whole time he’s been at school), my relationship has completely changed, with my partner and friends because I now have healthy boundaries and know how to keep them. The list goes on for what was achieved, it’s all thanks to Nikki and the way she teaches, she’s given me the ability to see myself and be a better person by continually reminding me that I’m not broken.

I’d say to anyone who’s on the fence about joining AYV that you have to do it. If you’re considering joining then there’s a reason you’re drawn, something isn’t quite right for you at the minute, Nikki can help with this.  Whatever is holding you back from joining, speak to Nikki and tell her what it is. AYV has changed my perspective on things and it changed the way I am. I seemed to be constantly anxious and depressed, especially around the house, AYV helped me to step out of the person I was and grow into the person I am today.

Chantelle W.

2021, Wales

I discovered AYV while following on Instagram. I didn’t think it was my time, but I later found out I was more ready than I thought. I was so lost. Shattered. Didn’t know who I was and my power was…gone. I was about at rock bottom in almost all ways and I couldn’t help myself out of it. I was depressed and hopeless and couldn’t find my path forward at all. I was really nervous about joining because I had incurred a lot of debt from other coaching programs that didn’t help me or make the difference in my life that I had been searching for. I was scared to do yet another program and I didn’t know where to come up with the money for this one. 

Alchemize Your Vibe was all that I didn’t know I needed. It was sincere and gave me the space that I needed to reclaim my sovereignty. It was safe, welcoming, and it hit all the right spots within me at the perfect time in order to heal myself from everything that holds me back. The way Nikki works is pure Magic.

My situation has improved in every way. Financially, emotionally, spiritually… I actually got pregnant, received clarity on my entire life and my purpose was revealed to me after I let go of some old stories holding me down. I benefitted the most from the inner child work. It really hit home for me. It’s where all her teachings and all of my learnings in my life started to come together and make sense deep down. 

I have been able to manifest paying off my deep debt incurred, sold businesses, got a dream job, got pregnant, forming a tribe of strong like-minded souls here to fight against the pressures of the world… AMAZING. I would tell someone who is on the fence about taking alchemize your vibe to Take the leap and become who your soul has always tried to be…the real you.

Keara M.

2021, Panama

I discovered AYV on the last day it was open through a friend who was taking it. I hesitated joining because of the monetary commitment, but I was deeply trying to understand my own karma that keeps bringing me into the same situations again and again. I felt this problem I  threw me into a victim mode often times.

Alchemize Your Vibe was safe and amazing. The amount of knowledge I gained is indescribable and the healing was huge.

My situation has improved in every way tenfold. I better understand my astrology chart and who I am and where I come from which has lead to a much greater acceptance of the present. All things I learned how to do in AYV.

I want to pinpoint one specific thing I benefitted the most from, but there wasn’t one specific thing. It was the perfect combination of all of it-the 1-1 coaching, the talks, the group chat, the bonuses, it all was the perfect package of things to accelerate my healing.

I have been able to manifest a great new house and a whole new business venture! I would tell someone who is on the fence about taking Alchemize Your Vibe that it’s mandatory. There are no words for the growth and love experienced!

Ramsie B.

2021, Texas

Soul Purpose Chart Testimonials

It’s so mind-blowing that I have for once in my life, being told that I am doing what I’m supposed to do. My mind is just blown right now. it’s just so unbelievably blown. this is literally lining up with things you would have never known. this is what I’m meant for. and I’m so aaahhhh”. this is the coolest thing that has happened to me ever. For how many years I have spent not knowing what to do with my life to not feeling like I’m ever good enough to do just one thing… to see this is like so what you’re telling me is: the universe has been telling me this forever and now it’s slapping me in the face to get me to understand. I’m literally loving every second of this reading. This is literally the most eye-opening. I feel like I’ve learned more in the last hour than I have in my entire life. I literally have learned more than anyone has ever taught me and it’s all about myself. And I knew I needed it.

Aria J.

Oct 22, 2020, California

NIKKI you divinely beautiful being. It’s like you just looked right into my soul, scooped it out, unscrambled it and gave me clarity. Honestly on the verge of tears here! I need to read it about another 5 times. I feel like you’ve just unlocked another door in my head. Bah so much excitement, so much to learn so much to do. Love it! Thank you so much !!! Lots of work to do!

Ashley H.


Oohhh wow! I don’t even have words! And as I heard the replay from our call I know why I didn’t have words then either. I’m amazed. By you. The way you see me. The input and messages of the reading. Just WOW! It feels like so many things fell in to place. Your words made the perspective my soul could understand about the things I have heard before. I’m really excited for aallll of this to land with me and to embody it– even more. 

Pernille S.

Nov 19, 2020, Denmark

Nikki reading my report brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say other than it touched me and I’m very grateful. I definitely needed this. 

Delaney J.

New York

Masterclass Testimonials

This is hitting me big time. I’m completely into everything you say. The energy is insane. I felt it in my body. It’s doing something to me on a cellular level like a type of remembrance. I’m so grateful for this video. It’s doing something to me which needed to be done by me just listening. Oh my god, it was amazing. It’s done all sorts to me and I’m so grateful for that. Amazing really really completely everything you said is like “yes”! This is what I believe also. You’re a legend. I really really enjoyed that. Let’s do more of these masterclasses!!! You definitely seem to be unlocking a lot inside of me. A lot is going on. I am flying!

Natalie F.


Hey lovely, your masterclass was fab. Totally blew my mind. You were amazing!

Victoria W.


That was great, really in-depth! Loved it! Loved how it was all explained thoroughly to help connect the dots. 



Well I had a few tears during the live and the replay. I feel like I asked you how to do it before the recording and you personally answered it and that resonated so much! I feel a massive relief. I’ve been feeling anxiety lately and battling that, but is obvious now the anxiety is being caused by trying to force myself to do work that just wasn’t working and I was feeling like I’d never “be better”. Honestly thank you, I feel like a weight has been lifted 🙂


Nov 16, 2020, Wales

Mentorship & Healing Testimonials

Through her work and mentoring, Nikki gave me the confidence to believe in myself and realize my potential. Three parts came together without me even realizing it. Numbers popped up in my life and she immediately knew how they connected to me physically and mentally. I struggle with grief and she walked me through how acceptance and forgiveness are key to healing. Lastly, Nikki led me on a path of self-realization showing me I AM good enough for the things I want in my life. She gave me tools I can use for the rest of my life and I’m forever grateful!

Jessica R.


It was a simple request: “can you send me some Reiki? I’m feeling drained and I guess my dog is feeling it!” And Nikki sent me tons of energy and information she is a natural-born healer! A session with her is a powerful experience and transformation.  It only took her one session with Reiki, numerology, and animal connection (all in one) to help me understand what was necessary to move on and to flush out the emotions that were bottled up inside. Following her advice make me feel real and things are flowing in an unexpected way (in a good way, I might say!). Nikki! Thanks a million, times for your help. I really appreciated it.

Aline M.


I don’t know what you are doing, but it’s magic! 

Pernille S.


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