Hey Love,

I actually remember the first time somebody called me “Love” as a salutation. It was my boyfriend’s mother in the year 2000. I was 17-ish. And my first inner-inclination was: WHO TF YOU TALKIN’ TO AND LOVE IS NOT WHAT YOU CALL PEOPLE! I was so confused and could feel that critical slime bag creep into my thoughts about her audacity.

I have been resistant to love… the word love (ugh how cliche!), giving love, receiving love, hearts, anything cheesy… you name it. But deep deep down all I really wanted was Love with a capital L. Funny how we resist was we really need and deeply desire, isn’t it?

Love is all-powerful and intelligent, and just like a medicinal mushroom, it’s an adaptogen that knows precisely where to flood in to do the healing. Sometimes it heals through criticism, resentment, and overwhelming fear. As uncomfortable as those feelings are, they are simply there to show you what needs attention in order for you to feel whole.

And after many years of following the trail of heartbreak that love has left behind, I can say that the energy of Love, the power of Love, is what heals it all. All the places that you feel vulnerable, shameful, scared, undesirable, unworthy, are all the places love is missing. All the ways we avoid the pain and distract ourselves by giving love instead (like to our children or animals), are the precise places our psyches are trying to tell us are missing Love.

Love helps us feel whole. Because it helps us recognize we’ve been whole all along. What a teacher! What better way to feel like a powerful baddie than to feel whole unto yourself?

So I invite you to say this little devotional I channeled for you today. This can be said to your higher self, your angels, your divine beings, anything you feel comfortable with:

“May the force of Love ooze into my body like glittery plasma, lighting up every crevice that may have gone untouched or unseen, and heal me in ways I’ve yet to imagine. Let the Love pour in and down through my experience and help me realize where I can replace criticism, desperation, fear or discontent with a force greater than me, for my whole healing.”

May the force of this first new moon of the astrological year light your fire of self-Love and mastery for the days to come!

Many blessings,


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