Whenever I do those exercises where you are supposed to ask people to describe you, most times the word “badass” is one of them. “You’re so ba-DASS” they’d say, with an infliction on the “dass” part. Other times I get both syllables exclaimed like you are a BAD (pause) ASS (oftentimes mthrfkr comes after that).

Whenever I post some accomplishments of mine on the internet from things I’ve overcome in the past, I’ll get messages like “you’re such a baddie” or “that’s totally badass”. And I never quite got it. I would shake my head or be really confused like, do people see me at all?! I’m weird, a bit quiet and too gentle to be a badass.

Well, the truth is, those people saw my true “soul-me” and not the me I was projecting myself out in the universe. I would try to hard to cover up any of my badass nature with how mature I was, or how nurturing I was, or how gentle I was. I didn’t own badass at all. But every time someone would say it, it felt like an angel got its wings. It felt natural. It felt powerful. It felt authentic. It felt like home.

And that’s the thing: all those other things that I am such as nurturing and really inclusive/welcoming, are great and the truth. But they didn’t feel powerful to me. When I’d use those words they felt, well, nice, but they did not give me a sense of powered-up priestess vibes. 

I had badassery in my shadow. The shadow is the place where all the things you don’t or can’t see about yourself live. I didn’t OWN this part of me. And when I started to, my world started to click into place. So in case anyone out there has badassery in their shadow, I wanted to define what I deem a true badass to be, in hopes that you will claim this title for yourself as well. And just as a little hint: It’s all about what makes you feel powerful. To me, badassery and power are not mutually exclusive.

What Is A Badass Anyway?

  • Someone who is true to herself.

And with that, you don’t care what others think because when you know you’re doing the right thing, you don’t care what other people say. Like Brene Brown said, don’t take advice from people not in the arena.

  • Someone who overcomes hardship without a chip on her shoulder. 

Meaning, she doesn’t carry the past with her and she sure as hell doesn’t let it run her life and make decisions for her.

  • She strives, but not without fear. 

She continues and keeps going despite setbacks and failures. Because she knows there is no such thing as failure, just redirection 

  • She loves hard, and she does so vulnerably.

Love many things, but love yourself first. And do so knowing there’s a risk involved and do it anyway. Follow your path despite the risk.

  • She moves in this world unencumbered by what others think or say

When you start doing what is truly authentically your soul-self, it stops mattering what other people will say or think with their discomfort of your power.

  • She’s powerful.

She knows where and what gives her power and doesn’t let it leak out. She practices self-care and self-love. She takes care of her needs and her inner child as if her life depends on it.

  • A badass owns her story and gives herself credit for all she’s gone through and overcame. 

She puts words to her pain and gives reverence to her ability to persevere and overcome. She gives herself massive credit and doesn’t shy away from owning her life’s story out of a false sense of humility. 

  • She has solid boundaries, knows why she has them and respects her needs just as much as she respects other’s needs.

This needs no explanation.

  • She believes. She believes in herself and trusts her god.

She develops trust within herself and she believes in her ability to exert a deliberate creation into her future. She is a master of her Self. She understands her divinity and trusts in her spirit team to help co-create her reality with her. This is pure power.

Here’s what a badass is not:

  • She doesn’t push herself over the brink. She knows her limits and respects the hell out of her body.
  • She isn’t living in an overly masculine mindset. She doesn’t follow the paradigm of toxic masculinity where you work yourself to exhaustion just to feel worthy. She ALREADY feels worthy by just being alive.
  • She isn’t obsessed with having power over someone. She is only obsessed with harnessing her own innate power and utilizing it to enact change in her life. She knows the only real power comes from within.

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