In this blog post, I spoke about a “mid-life” transit that can be incredibly intense and uncomfortable if you’re not prepared. But I’m going to shake it up for this post because a really blessed thing also happens when you turn 40! And that is called your 5th synodic Venus return.

The astronomy

Venus cycles around the sun, from our perspective and creates a 5-petaled rose. For her to traverse the cosmos and create this rose, it takes her exactly 8 years to end up 2 degrees from where she started… so almost exactly. During these 8 years, she meets up with the sun to create a “Venus star point”, a turning point where she becomes an evening star (rises after the sun and sets after the sun sets) or a morning star (rises just before the sun and sets before the sun, making her not-visible at night). This is where the term “synodic” comes in. In simple terms, synodic means where one planet is in relation to another, and in this case, it is the sun.

So when you turn 40, Venus is in the same relation to the sun as the day you were born. You can see this with math, 40/8=5 or 5 periods of 8 years =40. 

Why is 40 so important?

As you’ve probably heard, 40 days and 40 nights is an important length of time for those ancient folk. So is 40 years. This is all in reference to the cycles of Venus. Venus retrogrades for roughly 40 days and to complete an entire rose around the sun, it takes her 40 years. So when you turn 40, there are potent energies from the benefic planet Venus for your taking if you so choose…

My story

I had the most amazing Venus return. As most of you know, I am a priestess–which means serving my community in a divine feminine way. And when you’re Venus is returning at 40, it is an insanely powerful time to tap into your feminine values, your feminine nature and continue your work towards your destiny… and in my case, it is bringing the divine feminine back to this planet. 

I called up another priestess sister who is devotional to the divine feminine and asked her to do a Venus ceremony that I created for myself using a 5,000-year-old ritual devoted to the goddess. The results were incredible! So much so that during this past Venus retrograde in Leo, I held a ceremony for 9 others to do the same. 

When you take advantage of Venusian energy, you help yourself manifest more relationships, financial, and anywhere where Venus is in your own personal chart and what that represents in your life. It is your opportunity to invite in inner power and awareness of your crazy talented gifts you have buried deep under your conditioning. It is your chance to own yourself, in all your glory. It is a time to get what you’ve been asking for, especially if it has to do with the sacred, the power of the goddess and to relax and attract just as any good Venusian would do. It’s a time to become unstuck (especially after your Pluto square), become more fertile (in whatever way you desire), and attractive. It is time to be the queen of your own domain! Time to anchor the energies of the rising feminine into our new earth. Explore your specific goddess archetype you came here to embody and then strut your stuff in only a Venusian Goddess could.

What did I learn from 40 days of the spiritual desert?

  • I learned space gave me time to relax, heal, and eventually had enough space to dig into my inadequacies that held me back from being efficacious
  • I learned you can petition the planets for help
  • I learned it gave me space to see how my perspective was creating a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • I learned what it is I really enjoy filling my time with which is art and astrology
  • I learned going back to my roots and accepting I didn’t need to be anything other than that which a lot of the time was being an artist
  • I learned and accepted. I am insanely interested in the predictive arts, which is taboo these days.
  • I learned I can decide to be lucky despite my perspective that I’m not then if in fact, I am that lucky then I can have goals that I can achieve because it’s always me and my drive plus an external extra force that brings it together–which some call luck
  • I learned the difference between survival goals versus positive goals
  • I learned I was stuck in fixing what is wrong mentality with no optimism for a long time because it was toxic and I needed to go deep into hell to heal. I had been in the underworld for quite some time.


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