Unwind Your Mind Challenge Day 2

Watch the short video on How To Reverse The Effects Of Stress, then go to today’s challenge below:

Now read below for today’s Unwind Your Mind Challenge


Now it’s time to do our first meditation exercise together. This is just one way of the 30 ways in the Soul To Bowl Program to meditate with your dog. This one is a beginner level med-dog-tation exercise.

Head to your Zen Den from Day 1 and find a comfortable position, but not where you will fall asleep.

A pro pet parent tip to meditate with your dog is to use his or her bed as a meditation cushion. Let them lie next to you if they want to and you can pet them as you meditate.

Sit comfortably and breathe naturally and easily.


Before you press play:

If you notice yourself thinking about anything else like your to-do list or if your neighbor hated your party or anything other than breathing… get excited at yourself that you’ve even noticed you’re having these thoughts and gently return your attention to the recording. With time, this exercise of returning to your breath will become easier and easier. This IS mindfulness.

Remember, mindfulness is to understand and notice without judgment, that you are thinking and CHOOSING to return to your focus. There is no wrong way or a way to fail. It is about the practice of having a thought, and returning to your breath.

Quickly jot down your stress level on a scale from 1-10, one being not stressed and 10 being stressed. Record your dog’s restlessness before your meditation as well.

Are you ready?

Listen to this audio recording I made for you while with your dog to learn how to CHOOSE the relaxation reflex with them when you need it. 

Journal Exercise:

Record your feelings in a journal to the questions below.

  • Your emotions before as well as after your mindfulness exercise
  • What feelings/thoughts/sensations came to you during your mindfulness exercise?
  • Is there any change in your body? (pain reduction, bowel movements, more flexibility, fewer headaches, etc)
  • What’s one thing you are grateful for today?


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