Unwind Your Mind Challenge Day 5

I want to be able to leave you with the opportunity to create lasting change in your life when it comes to your thoughts. Our anxiety can seep in to so many parts of our world if we don’t understand and recognize that we’re letting our minds control our days. That YOU are in control of your mind. We just need the tools to learn how to do it!

Your anxiety story is your own, but it didn’t start that way. It’s not your fault that you have anxiety.

Our anxiety stories began when the people and circumstances around us showed us that we weren’t safe as we truly are. Your anxiety is an adapted part of yourself that learned that having anxiety was the safest way of surviving trauma.

Now, you are the adult in control. You no longer have to live in a cycle of fear/depression/anxiety. Yes, many factors play into anxiety as an adult like hormones and diet, but learning mindfulness trains you how to recognize it sooner, so you can build resilience tools to bounce back faster.

In my new 30 day program, Soul To Bowl, it’s my intention to show you how eating lower-carb brain healthy meals, bonding over the experience of sharing healthy ingredients with your dog, incorporating your pups into your mindfulness practice as your tool and your teacher and how to use these as your tools to mental resilience.

For today’s exercise, I want to invite you to feel the opposite of anxiety. And that is finding peace in gratitude.

  • Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for that you’ve never acknowledged before.
  • Take your time and sit with your feelings.
  • Sometimes using pretty paper and pens help to pay homage to how grateful you really are.
  • How did you feel afterward?

When we identify things we are grateful for, and really feel them, we begin the excavation process to heave out the anxiety and to make the room in our hearts and minds to allow the peace that we deserve.

Remember, peace and anxiety can’t live in the same awareness together.

Peace is MEANT FOR YOU. Freedom from fear is MEANT FOR YOU. Living a reduced stress life with your beloved dog is MEANT FOR YOU. Spreading your joy to the world you interact with is what will ultimately create change for all of us.

You just have to claim it. It’s your duty to.

My hope in this challenge for you is that this inspires you to rewrite the prelude chapter of your new and improved story. The one where you are your dog’s hero, by becoming your best self for them. After all, they deserve it don’t they?!

Share something about your dog and why you are so grateful for them!

Doors open tomorrow to the Soul To Bowl program, so be on the lookout in your inbox for full information on how to transform you and your dog’s life!



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