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Design Your Own Sacred Elixirs For Self-Healing Ceremonies

The true power within you has been forgotten, but not lost.

You are the original Shaman, the natural Medicine Woman, the Master of Ceremonies for your own healing.

But over time, millennia in fact, this innate, sacred wisdom was taken.

As your ancient Grandmothers were persecuted for their plant magic, the sovereignty of generations to come was handed over to Sunday Service. The healing container accessed only through the permission of the congregation’s Patriarch. 


Healing is your birthright. The medicinal craft is alive within your physical design, just waiting for you to remember. Patiently slumbering, but eager for you to infuse the ancient practice of using plants to anoint with your own independence. The magic and power of ceremony comes directly from your personal autonomy. 


The Everyday Anointrix inspires you to give yourself permission and empowers you to know this is all you require to innovate Spiritual rituals for yourself and your family. 

And with each day you were told to adopt new habits, new beliefs and new structures that served only to keep you small, questioning the validity of your gifts. It’s time to empower yourself just like your ancestors were.

Join me for 5 weeks, as together we reclaim this practice and cultivate the respect it deserves.

Breathing new life and soul into our age-old ways, welcoming their power into our everyday, modern lives. 

In ancient times, anointing was a practice held by women, for their own sacred moments, it’s time to lead the way for the next generation to know and understand their true healing potential. 

I will share with you the history of the Priestesses, the true history of the ancient practice of anointing, and how to be the clergy of your own life. You will remember how to trust yourself, to boldly seek your own sacrament. Allow me to heal the wounds of external permission so you can unleash the power of your healing for you and your loved ones. 

Through the removal of sovereignty in the anointing ceremony, a disconnection occurred. The direct line to Spirit that is your birthright was severed. Through connecting to the energy of plants through sacred oils, this line is opened once more. Your connection to Source becomes personal, unique, deeper and more fulfilling. 


 I want to show you how powerful the craft you’ve learned to fear really is.

I want to champion you as you dare to unapologetically break down the system designed to trap you in conformity.

This system stops working when you stop engaging with it.

You’ll be supported to explore the true bravery you possess in abundance and innovate your new life of impact, not just for yourself, but for everyone who’s been forced to give up on their sovereignty.

You are more authentically able to access the wisdom such a connection allows and once more, activate your inner, ancient Shaman. 

When You Choose Yourself As Your Healer, You’ll Recieve:

  • 95x 1 Hour Group Teaching Calls
  • 95 Labs in private Facebook Group
  • 9Downloadable Resources To Support Your Learning
  • 9The Sacred Healer Attunement & Group Blessing
  • 9Meditation for discovering which Temple you keep & guidance for your Keeper Oil
  • 9Recommended, Quality Assured Brands For Essential Oils
  • 9Recipes for working with holy essential oils
  • 9Downloadable flashcards for working with sacred essential oils
  • 9Private facebook group for support from your new friends

BONUS!! Pay In Full receive 20% off Certification Course for Performing Modern Sacraments With Plant Magic

As you read these words, you can feel the fire inside starting to reignite.

You can feel your Spirit begin to awaken, your inspiration and ancient self start to rumble with possibility.

And now you have a choice of who to obey – your Spirit and it’s passion, or the oppressive structure that caused you to devalue your sacred right to consecrate your own life. 

 All it takes is 28 days and you can expect to: 


Unleash the full force and power of your own holiness 

✓ Know how to go from religious resistant to Abundant Anointrix 

✓ Reclaim your own sacredness as a full expression of God 

✓ Redefine who and what have the power to make something sacred (hint: it’s you!)

✓ Remember who you truly are as the powerful self-healer

✓ Be fully connected to who you are and your connection to Source

✓ Understand if initiating as a priestess is right for you

✓ Fully understand the power of sacred essential oils from a scientific and spiritual perspective


Join us today for this journey of remembering and awakening. You can choose to pay in full, or split the investment over 2 monthly payments. 

Class Curriculum:

Lecture Wednesdays 10AM PDT

Lab: Weekly Facebook Group Exercise 

Week 1:

Lecture: Choosing the right oils for your healing ceremonies. History of the lost secret ancient art of anointing/role of the anointing priestess/sacred essential oils

Lab: Purchasing oils, ancient sacred oils journals prompts, intention setting

Week 2:

Lecture: Essential Oils 101 & Quantum physics of spirituality and essential oils

Lab: Creating your relationship to essential oils through our sensuality

Week 3:

Lecture: Group blessing, Meditation to discover your temple. Discovering your personal Temple Keeper Blend

Lab: Creating your Temple Keeper Blend. Recipes for holy blends for anointing

Week 4: 

Lecture: Performing Anointing for connecting to higher realms

Lab: Practicing on yourself and family

Week 5:

Lecture: Intro into Performing Anointing for trauma release

Lab: Practicing with releasing specific traumas/Live Q&A


Frequently Asked Qs

Do I need to have essential oils before I start?

No, you can definitely learn the content without having the oils on hand. However, if you’d like to practice with the class, I’d suggest you buy a handful of oils that you resonate within the first week. I will provide you all the info on where to purchase these oils.

Are oils included in the program?

Great question! Because of the vast array of countries taking this course, there won’t be any oils included in the class price. I will however, provide you with a sheet of trusted and safe essential oil companies for your region of the world. 

When will the course be held?

Class starts Wednesday 9/9/2020 at 10AM PDT and goes until 10/07/2020.

Do I need any prior aromatherapy knowledge?

This is the best part… Nope! This course is teaching you how to become your own shaman, your own healer, your own spiritual leader. Empowerment is the name of the game here. You’ll learn all your need to know about essential oils for anointing right in class. How awesome is that?! It’s like two classes in one!

Will I be able to buy this later?

Hollaa! So you’re not quite ready to buy this now? That’s ok. It will be available someday for on-demand. Priority is given to the live classes because that’s where the magic happens. Think of it as a massive group discount with double the benefits of having a cohort of ladies on the same healing journey as you. When it’s available to individuals in the future, the price will double to $888 USD.

If I can't make the live class, will I be able to watch this later?

Absolutely! All classes will be recorded and placed in the member’s area for unlimited rewatching. 

What if I have a question not asked here?

Easy! Just email and I will get back to you in a jiff 😉

What others are saying

Through her work and mentoring, Nikki gave me the confidence to believe in myself and realize my potential. She wove her magic, and three parts came together without me even realizing it. Nikki has led me on a path of self-realization showing me I AM good enough for the things I want in my life. She gave me tools I can use for the rest of my life and I’m forever grateful!

Jess R., Martinez California

It was a simple request: “can you send me some Reiki? I’m feeling drained and I guess my dog is feeling it!” And Nikki sent me tons of energy and information. She is a natural-born healer! A session with her is a powerful experience and transformation.  It only took her one session with Reiki, numerology, and animal connection (all in one) to help me understand what was necessary to move on and to flush out the emotions that were bottled up inside me. Following her advice make me feel real and things are flowing in an unexpected way (in a good way, I might say!). Nikki! Thanks a million, times for your help. I really appreciated it.

Aline M., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No matter what I need to know, do or feel… Nikki always has the perfect response to help unlock the true healer within me. She’s always encouraging in the most direct and loving way. She was able to intuitively tap into my dog and provide a list of essential oils that would assist in her healing and tought me that my own inner world can affect my dog’s health. I’ve received so many downloads from Nikki on oils that will help me sleep, meditiate and in my daily wellness routines that are tailored specifically to me from my spirit team. Both me and my dog are happy and healthy now! Working with Nikki always teaches me something new and at the same time eases my anxiety to help me take the next step in my life. She’s a healer of the mind body AND spirit!

Marissa B., Corona CA

 I Can’t wait for you to join me!! xx

About Nikki White, MA

About Nikki White, MA

Priestess of New Vision

Hi there, I’m Nikki White, a priestess of the ancient rose lineage, spiritual teacher, psychic, energy healer, medicinal aromatherapist, and artist. On this crazy ride around the sun, I’ve had a windy path, and have put a lot of experiences in my napsack. I hold a master’s degree in education and visual arts and has been a certified life coach for 8 years. All of these skills I’ve been perfecting since childhood and have turned my knowledge into practical at-home trainings for you. My main goal is to make my client’s dreams come true by leveraging the new laws of the universe with ancient wisdom. Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, I can guide you there.

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