The Everyday Anointer

Design Your Own Sacred Elixirs For Self-Healing Ceremonies


The true power within you has been forgotten, but not lost.

You are the original Shaman, the natural Medicine Woman, the Master of Ceremonies for your own healing. 

But over time, millenia in fact, this innate, sacred wisdom was taken.

As your ancient Grandmothers were persecuted for their plant magic, the sovereignty of generations to come was handed over to Sunday Service.

The healing container accessed only through the permission of the congregation’s Patriarch. 

Healing is your birthright.

The medicinal craft is alive within your physical design, just waiting for you to remember.

Patiently slumbering, but eager for you to infuse the ancient practice of using plants to anoint with your own independence.

The magic and power of ceremony comes directly from your personal autonomy.

The Everyday Anointer inspires you to give yourself permission and empowers you to know this is all you require to innovate Spiritual rituals for yourself and your family.

Join me for 8 weeks

Together we reclaim this practice and cultivate the respect it deserves.

Breathing new life and soul into our age-old ways, welcoming their power into our everyday, modern lives. 

Anointing was a practice held by women, for their own sacred moments, it’s time to lead the way for the next generation to know and understand their true healing potential. 


I will share with you the history of the Priestesses, the true history of anointing, and how to be the clergy of your own life.

You will remember how to trust yourself, to boldly seek your own sacrament.

Allow me to heal the wounds of external permission so you can unleash the power of your healing for you and your loved ones. 

When you say yes to becoming The Everyday Anointer,

you’ll receive:

✓ 8x 1 Hour Group Teaching Calls

✓ 1x 1 Hour Q&A Call

✓ Downloadable Resources To Support Your Learning

✓ Recommended, Quality Assured Brands For Essential Oils

Through the removal of sovereignty in the anointing ceremony, a disconnection occurred.

The direct line to Spirit that is your birthright was severed.

Through connecting to the energy of plants through sacred oils, this line is opened once more.

Your connection to Source becomes personal, unique, deeper and more fulfilling. 


You are more authentically able to access the wisdom such a connection allows and once more, activate your inner, ancient Shaman.  

Join us today for this journey of remembering and awakening.

You can choose to pay in full, or split the investment over 2 monthly payments.

Pay in Full: $333

2x Monthly Payments: $190

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