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Enter for your initiation into the Temple Of Secrets

I’m so glad you’re here. In this initiation, you’re going to find that the keys to the secrets of the universe lie within your soul. Each twist and turn of the initiation solidifies the truth that you are in the right place at this time and that you are here to make an impact on the future of the world. 
As you travel through space and time into the dimension of truth, you will start to understand the deepest parts of yourself, the reason why you’re here truth of the purpose of your life.
If you’re here, you already know or have suspected that you are here on the planet for a greater purpose. You’re most likely obsessed with helping and impacting others and focused on contributing to the collective good. My job is to help you realize this truth by teaching you how to use the laws of the universe to manifest all that you desire to be. Because after all, if you desire something, it is universally contracted to be yours. 

The secret to healing others always begins with yourself.

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With Spice & Spirit,

Nikki x

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My mind is just blown right now. It’s just so unbelievably blown. This is literally lining up with thing you would have never known about. This is what I’m meant for. And I’m so ahhhhhhh! This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

Aria J.

Nikki is wise and insightful and also humble. Her information is so kind, down to earth, real and HONEST.


Hannah H.

This helped me to verbalize the insecurities in my mind and to reaffirm the positive parts of me that make me who I am. What an eye opener to how I can use my gifts for healing others.

Jaime L.

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