Reduce stress and increase longevity in you and your dog

Soul to Bowl

The only mind/body wellness program for you and your dog!

Master the secrets to sustained happiness and measure the results by:
♦ less anxiety & depression
♦ a deeper bond with your dog
♦ weight loss
♦ Better concentration and memory
♦ More restful sleep
♦ more longevity for you and your dog

Let’s talk truth here for a minute.


We’ve all thought about getting healthier in both our mind and bodies. We say we’re going to start a meditation practice and eating well… Then time goes by and we don’t start, nonetheless get into the habit.

Maybe you really would like to create a mindfulness meditation practice to help with your anxiety, but you don’t know where to start because it sounds scary and you are the type of person who just CANNOT meditate?

Maybe you’ve wanted to eat healthier brain-nourishing, but it’s just too hard to keep track of your family’s, your dog’s, AND your diet?

Yes, living a mindful life has proven to be an almost magical (and scientifically proven) solution for so MANY. People from Oprah to Kobe Bryant praise the beneficial effects of mindfulness.

And yet, we all still find it so hard to care for ourself first.

But here’s the thing: If you don’t care for yourself first, there will be nobody to care for your dog.

Let me ask you this, have you ever said the words:

“my dog eats better than I do”?

...If that's the case, then we need to talk.

Treating yourself like you treat your dog shouldn’t be a crime.

I believe it should also be easy.

I believe that we can all be healthy and treat ourselves with love together. Dog AND human.

this was me. stressed and unhealthy.

I was a hot mess. I was 20 pounds overweight, stressed from my job and my romantic relationships. I felt like I wanted to contribute positively to the world, but way too lost and down on myself to even try. The stress of not meeting my full potential was enough to keep me depressed and anxious forever. I needed a way out, a path to get me back to the real me. The me that was born stress-free and healthy.

That’s when I was able to tap into the very strong motivation I had, to do better for my dog, and harness it for myself. That’s when I found the link between mindfulness and my pet parenting. Coupling these two together gave me a super strong foundation to drop the mental AND physical stress in my body, and do better for my dogs at the same time.

That’s why this program was born. I couldn’t keep the secret anymore. We want to all do what’s best for our dog’s, but often times forget being our best selves for us and them as well. Why not find ways to incorporate our motivation for our dog’s best life into our own? Heck, why not incorporate our dog INTO our daily practices while we’re at it?!

In my step-by-step program, Soul to Bowl™, I’m pulling back the mindfulness curtain to show you exactly how to use your motivation to give your dog the best life to reduce your mind and body stress by training your brain and feeding your body.

In fact, I’m showing you not only how to treat yourself well, but also how to level-up your bond with your dog in the process!

Reduce Stress Inside and Out!

You’re invited to join me as your guide, to less stress in your mind and body with a PRACTICAL mindful living approach to transform everything from…

Soul to Bowl

The only mind/body wellness program for you and your dog! Proven to reduce stress and take back your life.

imagine if...

… you had a way to keep yourself on track with healthy routines?
… you had tools to create a strong immune system, find contentment, feel connected and increase you and your dog’s longevity?
… you could do all these things and not have to wonder if you’re doing it right?

… you could become more compassionate, in charge and empowered to transform your stress into happiness?

… your happiness when your dog is healthy, lean and energetic?

… your dog’s demeanor when their reactions to stressors are more balanced?

… the strength of the bond between you.

here’s what you’ll get inside

It’s like getting two programs in one!

30 days of using your dog as your tool and your teacher | 30 days of low carb meals with purposeful ingredients you can share with your dog.




week one: learning the foundations of mindfulness
In this module, you will learn:

  • Relaxation techniques to start your practice
  • How mindfulness relates to your dog as your tool and your teacher
  • Journaling exercises each day
week two: how to meditate using your dog
In this module, you will learn:

  • Real life application for what you learned in week one
  • Different mindfulness tactics
  • Ways to incorporate your dog in your meditation
week three: turning inward
In this module, you will learn:

  • Understanding how desire, compassion, and gratitude can enhance your life
  • Incorporating gratitude, mindful activities and mantras and why they help your dog
week four: mindful living activities
In this module, you will learn:

  • How to use mindfulness in your waking life as you’re out and about in the world.
  • Mindfulness activites that incorporate your dog for a stronger bond
30 days of delicious low carb dinner recipes
In this module, you will get:

  • 30 easy low carb dinner recipes, tested and used by me!
  • Vegetarian option for each meal
weekly shopping lists
Go shopping for your family and your dog only once! Each week, a new shopping list will roll out with everything you need for each meal, divided by grocery store section!
30 days of companion ingredients for your dog
In this module, you will get:

  • Go grocery shopping only once for you and your dog. No hassle, healthy eating for the whole family!
7 Low-carb breakfast recipe bonus
Get a jump start on your weight loss journey by eating low-carb all day long.

Repeat the 7 meals every day for the month of the program!

Updates for every recipe, forever!
I will be adding images, videos and more recipes over time, and you get all the new updates for FREE!

Want bonuses? You’ll get lots!

Private Facebook Community

Have a safe place to go to discuss our anxieties, issues, our dogs and get peer-to-peer advice, counsel and encouragement. Also an awesome place to share our foodie pics!


10 FREE Raw Dog Food REcipes

Always wanted to try raw feeding for your dog, but didn’t know where to start? No problem, get started with 10 free raw dog food recipes!

$100 value

raw dog food calculator

Use this calculator in microsoft excel to figure out how much of which food type to feed your dog when starting with raw food.

$ 67 Value

7 Low-carb breakfast recipes

Level-up your weight loss routine by adding these low-carb breakfast meals to your low-carb dinners already inside the program!

$47 value

Power Affirmations

Get this personally developed list of dog mom affirmations to help deepen your meditation practice and feel personally powerful.

$ 37 Value

what others are saying!

Kristin Clark Author of raw pets digest & Raw & Thriving

Kristin Clark Author of raw pets digest & Raw & Thriving


This program didn’t just help me get back into balance? it truly helped me build a deeper bond with my dogs. And you know what? If you had asked me before I started if I already had a deep bond with the pups, I would’ve said absolutely. Because I did. But when I got stressed out, I didn’t have as much to give them (even though I felt like I was giving everything I had). I was distracted, I was frustrated, and I was impatient? none of which are very conducive to enjoying a deep bond with anything, including pets. Dogs being the amazing creatures they are, my dogs loved me unconditionally anyway, but I noticed they weren’t as happy as before. They were picking up on my stress, and it was bringing them down. I had to change. 

I know how to meditate, but her program promised to help me become more mindful with the help of my dogs. Mind blown! I had to try it. And it had the bowl part too! The keto diet. Having just gotten started on the keto diet, her recipes came at a perfect time for me. So, I jumped in with both feet. And you know what? Her program delivered. On Every. Single. Promise.

I have to tell you a secret. I’m notorious for not finishing online courses that I start. But I needed this one, and the idea of doing it with my dogs was beyond exciting. It became a personal journey for me, but before too long, I was looking forward to each of the daily exercises. I was meditating and exploring what, exactly, was important to me. And pretty soon, things that would’ve completely stressed me out before just became things that I was experiencing without reacting to them.

Even after finishing the 30 days, I’ve continued to return to many of the meditations and lessons in Soul to Bowl. I will probably continue to return to them, if not daily, then at least several times a week. Why? Because they make such a difference in staying balanced and calm and centered. And I don’t want to go back to that place of stress and anxiety and freneticism. Ever.

And as for the diet? Her recipes became part of my keto repertoire (let me tell you, the cauliflower mac and cheese is ahh-mazing!), and in the first month of doing keto, I lost almost 17 pounds.

Nicole Carillo

Nicole Carillo


I sought out the advice of many other dog experts and it did not give me the results I so desperately hoped for. But after using some of Nikki’s mindfulness techniques and followed her guidelines for better food for dogs, my dog Bruno has become the most vibrant, obedient, calm happy dog I knew in my soul that he could be. He’s now at optimal health,  and respecting our space together. I can’t believe how well I understand Bruno now, and how much that makes him feel secure.


Jessica Reynoso

Jessica Reynoso


The moment we received the heartbreaking cancer diagnosis for our dog, Nikki has guided us through it with nothing but positive light and love. From diet changes, to essential oils, to just changing our way of thinking to a more mindful approach, has made such a difference in all our lives. Our dog is alive and thriving and we couldn’t have done it without her!


Kirstie Simeon

Kirstie Simeon


Nikki’s advice and content has helped me so much in so many aspects of my life. It’s helped me to be a better dog mom and be more connected with my dogs and also a better partner to my boyfriend. Overall, her message has helped me to stop feeding into negativity and has given me the ability to be at my best for the ones around me as well as for myself!


Frequently asked questions

when does the program start?
If you are doing the program with the group (highly suggested), then the first lesson begins and the facebook party starts on October 16th.

When you sign up, there will already be the first week of meals, the orientation and all your bonus gifts waiting for you. So the earlier you sign up, the more time you have to enjoy those things.

You also have the option to go at your own pace. Although it is important to practice mindfulness every day, I understand that life can get messy. Therefore, there are also catch up days throughout the program if you get strapped for when life happens.

And when it does happen, pop over to the facebook group for support!

I hear mindfulness has roots in buddhism. IS this program religious?
This 30-day program is non-denominational, yet has elements of self spirit-improvement in it. The only risk is that you may be a transformed person when you’re done.

One does not need to be Buddhist to pay attention in this way, any more than one needs to be Italian to enjoy pizza.

Moreover, it’s a psychological and scientific technique; a systematic attentional training.

It is inviting you to be aware moment-by-moment without judgment. That’s it!

What proteins do you use in the human recipes?
The proteins used include:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • A Vegetarian Option
  • This program does not use pork (although there are pork options in it)
are there vegan recipes?
I’m sorry no, the recipes are not vegan nor do they have vegan options at this time. There is use of cheese, milk and other animal products in the high-fat, low carb recipes provided.
Can I do this with my cat?
I don’t have any cats, but the phrase “It’s like herding cats” comes to mind. It may be difficult to get your cat to cooperate in the meditative practices. The diet suggestions are also not appropriate for cats or any other animal except dogs.
Are there refunds?
Commitments are our most powerful super-human abilities. That’s where transformation lives. If you choose to join me inside Soul To Bowl, no refunds are available because we’re in the business of honoring commitments we make to ourselves and our dogs.

I believe with every fiber of my being that this program creates change and lasting transformation.

Space is so limited. You need to be ALL-IN with this for the entire program. Don’t test the waters. Dive in.

I'd like to go at my own pace, is that possible?
If you want to do the Soul to Bowl program at your own pace, start the program once all the lessons have been released in your account. You will have access to this course and any additions forever, but if you choose this option, you will miss out on all the live coaching calls. They will be available pre-recorded after the call ends inside your account.

Remember, at your own pace does not mean whenever you find the time. This program is a commitment and will only work if you do. Practicing mindfulness every day is important to establish a routine with it.

How much time do I need to set aside?
I tried to make this program as life-friendly as possible. Each day, the meditation exercises span from 5-30 minutes, growing as you continue the program. A small sacrifice for the multitude of benefits that will come. I suggest you read the practice in the morning, so you have time to schedule it in during your day.

On average, each meal takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Some less, some more. A lot of these meals you can make ahead of time, and you will get the full shopping list for each week ahead of time so you can prepare. If there is a meal that doesn’t tickle you, just go back to any previous meal and prepare that instead. Just make sure to continue feeding your dog fresh foods.

Who this program ISN’T for:

  • Someone who believes dogs should never eat vegetables
  • Someone who knows they are not good at doing something slow and deliberate.
  • Recipes are not for people with liver and kidney challenges
  • People who eat vegan (sorry!) But there is still immense value in the mindfulness exercises and the planned companion ingredients
  • Always check with your doctor before changing you or your dog’s diet

Elevate Your dog’s life and transform yours now

Because there’s no time to waste when it comes to your longevity. The sooner we can calm mental stress and introduce healthier food options, the sooner we can enjoy our lives together
Take your pet parenting to the next level by learning how to use essential oils properly, so that you can add them to your at-home, wellness toolbox.

The value for this transformation is $297

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