Health & Wellness Programs



Dog Mom's Ultimate Guide To Anxiety

Never come home from work again, wondering if your dog is having a good life. Use this free 5-day email training to understand you and your dog’s anxiety and what you can do to help.

Soul To Bowl


Soul To Bowl is designed to show you how to gain control of your anxiety, help you create a tight bond with your dog and show you how convenient feeding yourself and your dog healthy can be.

1-1 Coaching

Did you just get a tough health diagnosis for you or your pet? Or maybe you’re grieving the loss of a your best friend. Or maybe, you know there is more for you in this world, but you just don’t know where to start? I can help you. Click the button below to get the details.

Pet Business Programs

Digital Marketing Coaching

Are you on the marketing struggle bus with your business, but you’re a rockstar solopreneur who loves to keep her hands in her business? I gotchu. I’ll teach you all the proven methods to turn your struggle bus into a high-speed bullet train, that you can totally keep driving all by yourself.

Digital Storyteller Course

I get it, building a business around making content is HARD! But trust me when I say, I know a thing (or a hundred) about making content work for you (read: $$$). This online course will show you EXACTLY what to do to bring home the vegan bacon instead of milking you dry.

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