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Protect Yourself Against The Coronavirus


In this class, you we will learn how not to fear the Coronavirus by keeping our minds and bodies healthy with everyday essential oils. In this 1-hour class, you will learn:

  • ways to help your immune system including stress and sleep with essential oils and meditation
  • specific oils that help support the respiratory system
  • 2 separate recipes for DIY hand sanitizer that include essential oils (because the stores are out!)
  • 1 recipe for anti-viral surface cleaner

this class will be recorded and you will be emailed the recording if you cannot make the class. You do not need anything more than a notebook and pen to join. If you have oils, then great! Bring them too.



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All kickass dog moms welcome!

You're on your way to feeling better so you and your dog can have more fun! Check your email for your free gift and make sure to move me into your contacts list :)

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