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Not feeling where you should be in life?

Spirituality can be a lonely and draining journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Having a spiritual mentor can help you gather the pieces of your spiritual identity from many cultures, religions and traditions to formulate your own set of unconventional beliefs. With a loving compassionate guide and spiritual north star, you can achieve all the mastery you’d wish for this life.

Here is what you get in the mentorship program when you commit to a year of spiritual growth.

Numerological chart

Learn everything your soul wanted to be in this life with your personal spiritual barcode. We will use this as our base camp as we move through the program.

bi-weekly 1 on 1 meetings

There are 2 hours total to split up however you would like with just you, me and our spirituality. These can happen face-to-face on zoom, on an audio zoom phone call, or through text messaging. you pick!

learn spiritual concepts

I will meet you where you’re at to discuss any spiritual concepts that you would like. It can be as weird and wild or as mainstream as you would like. From aromatherapy to reincarnation, from crystals to money consciousness… I got it all!

unlimited messaging support

I am happy to direct and shift your energy during my business hours with quick heartflet messages through voxer, whatsapp or other secure messaging platform

Spiritualicity courses

Any course that meets your level of consciousness is totally yours to enjoy for the year. 

Answer the call of your soul

It’s time to get out of your head and find the inner peace you know in your heart to be. Learn to embrace the unknowns, tools of the spiritual gurus and most importantly, have fun inside your endless supply of personal freedom!

You are totally worth the investment

Are there refunds?

Commitments are our most powerful super-human abilities. That’s where transformation lives. If you choose to join me inside the mentorship program, no refunds are available because we’re in the business of honoring commitments we make to ourselves and each other.
I believe with every fiber of my being that this program creates change and lasting transformation.

You need to be ALL-IN and committed to your spiritual journey. Don’t test the waters. Dive in. You don’t have anything left to lose but your happiness.

Can I keep you forever?

I mean, sure if you’ll feed me and water me and give me lots of attention! But if you’re talking about all the spiritualicity we will be throwing around, then that’s a yes too! I record every call and you will have record of all my voice messages in the app of your choice.

When does this start and end?

This coaching mentorship starts as soon as you make a payment sand lasts exactly 365 days from then. At the end, if you wish to continue our relationship, there will be bespoke packages for you. 


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