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Lavender Essential Oil For Dogs Has So Much Versatility (And For You Too)

Lavender essential oil for dogs is considered the most essential of all the essential oils (ha, see what I did there?). It is one of the safest and most applied oils in the aromatherapy for humans AND for dogs! My oily friends and I often call it the swiss army knife of oils because it can help and support so many things. And using it to take charge of your dog’s anxiety is definitely one of them.

Lavender essential oil is considered one of the most effective essential oils for supporting you or your dog’s mood. Many studies have reported that it has a balancing influence on the human psyche. It can often adapt to what you need. If you are too wired, it can calm you down and vice versa, it can amp you up if you need some waking up.

So it is that adapting and balancing effect of lavender essential oil that is helpful in calming uncontrolled feelings and emotions. It can even introduce a sense of rationality to the mind and can take away (or balance) emotional conflict.

Lavender essential oil also can be a powerhouse for impacting the nervous system. Numerous studies have shown that the lavender essential oil particularly works to pacify a number of nervous issues, involving excitability, panic, tension, and hysteria, therefore promoting a placid peacefulness within us.

how to get rid of your dog's anxiety with lavender essential oil


Your (Dog’s) Brain On Lavender

Many experts have claimed that simply inhaling lavender essential oil will awaken a number of varying neurochemicals in the brain. You can experience a physiological change not just in the body, but also in the mind and spirit. And it only takes 22 seconds for a scent to travel from the bottle to your limbic system in your brain! This time frame is likely much less for our dog’s whose sense of smell is 40-50 times greater than ours.

A simple explanation for this effect is the findings that when lavender essential oil is inhaled, the serotonin then is released from the nucleus of the brain, promoting a pacifying influence on the body.


A Quick Note On Essential Oil Safety For Dogs

Dogs are VERY sensitive and each animal has a different tolerance to this sensitivity, so always apply essential oils slowly and highly diluted. You must also take great care in making sure you have the purest form of lavender as most lavender on the market today has been adulterated in some way, shape or form. Using adulterated oils could cause major damage to them and yourself.  Please follow all safety guidelines when using essential oils around dogs


Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil Around Your Dog

So, if your dog is currently suffering from anxiety, it could be a good move to surround him or her with pure lavender essential oil. Here are a few ways to use lavender around your dog to support their mental health.

  • Use can apply lavender aromatherapy to a cotton ball and clip to an air vent (just make sure the dog can escape the area if they do not like it)
  • You can light a non-toxic candle or salt lamp and add a drop of lavender oil
  • You can wear it on your neck and become a living diffuser for the animal. Associating lavender with your scent can also be calming.
  • Use a simple ultrasonic diffuser with 2-4 drops of lavender and place on a table, away from your dog’s nose level
  • Make a water/lavender spray in a glass bottle and spray the area your dog spends time in

Lavender has many uses, and mental health is a perfect way to get started with this gentle oil. Keep it in your purse for when you’re out or have it going in an ultrasonic diffuser at home. It works everywhere!


For More On Lavender Essential Oil For Dogs

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