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Are you a kickass dog mom, do you do #allthethings, but your stress is still affecting your pack?

Come on in, I’ll show you how your different mind is actually your greatest asset for achieving balance.

Hey there,

I’m Nikki.

I believe a healthy pet starts with a healthy and happy human. And making happy humans is precisely the business I’m in. I am here to help you learn the power of your animal companion in your personal journey of gaining balance in your everyday life.

When you heal your soul, you treat theirs. And it doesn’t have to take lots of extra time or brain power. 

What I Do

Pet health, reinvented.

You can’t pour from an empty cup!


What I Offer

FREE Stress-Relief Info

Join me on the Pups & People blog for free emotional health info that is applicable to you AND your dog. I know your dog is your motivation for all good things in life, so stick with me here to find out how to be anxiety, stress and depression free, by leanring about mind-nourishing foods, stress-relieving activities, all while helping your dog get healthy too! 

Online Learning

Want to take your anxiety free lifestyle to a higher level? I have several programs designed to incorporate your dog in your quest to bringing balance back to your life. When you’re healthy, so is your dog. When your dog is happy, so are you. 

Pet Business Marketing

Are you on the marketing struggle bus with your business, but you’re a rockstar solopreneur who loves to keep her hands in her business? I gotchu. I’ve got ALL the tricks 😉

Pups & People Blog

Why Do I Feel Sleazy When I’m Selling?
Why Do I Feel Sleazy When I’m Selling?

Why Do I Feel Sleazy When I’m Selling? The Fictional Used Car Salesman Everyone's got that picture in their head of the greasy hair slicked over to the side, plaid full-body suit, fake alligator shoes and a bad attitude guy. The fictional used car salesman. As a...

Why ‘Likes’ Don’t Mean Shit
Why ‘Likes’ Don’t Mean Shit

So I know this person. They're pretty well known and has a pretty heavy influence on a certain large subset of people. This person is a great visual storyteller and knows a massive amount of information about their subject matter. But in the context of data...

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Bring balance back to your world 


All kickass dog moms welcome!

You're on your way to feeling better so you and your dog can have more fun! Check your email for your free gift and make sure to move me into your contacts list :)

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