priestess of secrets


Solving the mystery of you

You’ve come to accept the life of an outsider.

You’re used to not being heard, even by yourself. It’s not that you don’t wish to speak, it’s that the words don’t come in a way that does justice to what you really think, feel and believe. 

So you stay quiet. 

Slowly, your mutism turns to frustration, the only voice with any real air time being the one of the harsh inner critic, as it turns you against you. You listen, and you begin to wonder if you’re simply not destined for any happiness in this life, that somewhere on your journey into human existence, you got wired wrong. It doesn’t matter how much healing, personal work or praying you do, the answers to life’s big questions simply aren’t available to you. 


But underneath it all, you feel a deep knowing. An intuitive, undeniable feeling that you’re here for something huge. You have a greater purpose at play, but trying to figure out what that is makes the biggest mystery of all, YOU. 


As your Priestess of Secrets I’m here to offer you the key. I’m here to reveal to you the deep wisdom, ancient knowledge and innate understanding held within your cells that will open the doors to your cage so you can soar straight to the heights of your true potential. I know that you ARE here for a greater purpose, one the world wanted to keep hidden from you. Your power has been kept a valuable secret. 


A secret I will now reveal to you…

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