Time: 15 minutes

What you need: headphones, your dog, your journal


Congratulations on making it to week two! What a huge accomplishment! Make sure to share your feelings over on the Soul To Bowl Facebook page!

For today’s exercise, we are mindfully meditating again. So when your dog is calm and quiet, return to his floor mat or wherever he lays and join him. Take a few moments to relax yourself using your new found relaxation techniques. Relaxing is the first step to becoming mindful. And mindfulness creates more relaxation, is a wonderful cycle!


Today, we are centering our attention to our dog’s belly. His belly will be your anchor, just like we learned in lesson 5. The only thing we are going to concentrate on is the rising and falling of our dog’s belly as they breathe. When your dog is lying on his or her side, gently cup their belly, so you are not putting pressure on it, yet you can still feel it rise and fall. When squirrel mind presents itself, as it will inevitably do, remember that you are a rock at the bottom of a river, letting your thoughts pass over you. Let your thoughts or emotions pass over or through you. Watch them, acknowledge them, but do not judge the thoughts or yourself. Remember, it’s your brain’s job to think. It’s your job to observe the thinking. By having an anchor, like your dog’s belly, it helps you return from a world of thoughts, to the real world that is happening right this instant. Once you are both comfortable, listen to the guided meditation above and enjoy!



Did you notice anything about your dog or did any thoughts come into your mind while doing this meditation?

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