A 90 Day Mentorship For Creators & Makers To Design A Life Of Abundant, Unabashed Expression

The creative fire inside of you is as old as your first breath.

Being a Creative is more than an identity for you, it’s the life force that keeps you breathing.

But as you grew, absorbed the teachings of this world you found yourself in and learned how to survive within it, that life force stopped flowing.

Plagued by the well meaning warnings from family members, peers and teachers, you learned to shut down your ability to alchemize visions and impulses into physical masterpieces.

How would they support you in the rat race?

They look pretty, but they won’t pay the bills. The struggling artist became your new identity, followed shortly after by just struggling. 

Anything is possible in the mind of a creative, but the world taught you this power was unsafe.

It instilled fear where there was once free flowing expression and told you the life you wanted was unstable, uncertain and would bring you nothing but rejection and poverty.

The world taught you this for a reason – to stop you from changing it. 

Instead, it asked you to force yourself into a structure that didn’t fit your shape. It asked you to prove your worth and justify your need to create by following a sustainable career path.

You obeyed

And with each day you adopted new habits, new beliefs and new structures that served only to keep you small, questioning the validity of your gifts.

I want you to join me on a 90 day journey of empowerment, confidence and connection in which you will reclaim your rightful place at the forefront of global revolution.

Where you will create, express, compose and allow your work to influence in the way it was always meant to.

Your work is far more than a hobby, it’s who you are.

It’s your purpose, your unique way of wielding light through the world in order to make true and lasting change, and get paid your full worth for doing so. 

 I want to show you how powerful the craft you’ve learned to fear really is.

I want to champion you as you dare to unapologetically break down the system designed to trap you in conformity.

This system stops working when you stop engaging with it.

You’ll be supported to explore the true bravery you possess in abundance and innovate your new life of impact, not just for yourself, but for everyone who’s been forced into a structure that doesn’t fit.

You’ll Recieve:

  • 9Mindfulness Techniques For Tapping Into Unlimited Creative Force
  • 912 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Call For Designing Your Abundant Life
  • 92 x 1 Hour of 1-1 Coaching via Zoom
  • 9Money Codes Attunement
  • 9Creativity Activation
  • 9Priestess Numerology report to define your creativity path

BONUS!! Pay In Full receive a third hour long 1:1 session completely free

As you read these words, you can feel the fire inside starting to reignite.


You can feel your Spirit begin to awaken, your inspiration and talent start to rumble with possibility.


And now you have a choice of who to obey – your Spirit and it’s passion, or the oppressive structure that caused you to devalue your creativity and worth. 

All it takes is 90 days and you can expect to: 


Unleash the full force and power of your creativity 

✓ Know how to go from hobbyist to abundant creatrix 

✓ Be clear on the life you truly desire for yourself 

✓ Have a personal roadmap for bringing that life to fruition 

✓ Know your worth and value as a compelling Creatrix 

✓ Be fully connected to who you are and reject anything that doesn’t allow you to express yourself 

✓ Get noticed for your work and create the impact you’ve always desired


All you need is a guiding, loving push from someone who believes in you.

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