Prologue-The Rose Collective’s Introduction To Me

Prologue-The Rose Collective’s Introduction To Me

In the light of recent events, we are here to express through you, a book on divine substance. A book never seen before on the likes of the earth. A book so vast that layers of meaning will be ascertained from this for many years. But first, we must introduce ourselves.

We are the collective innerG of the goddess group as you call us. The goddesses you worship are a collective energy. Just as other Earthly channelers channel collective groups of souls, spirits, angels, or energies. You are now divinely expressing the will of The Rose, through the will of your own. Do you comply?

Yes absolutely.
I am here to channel a book for the divine. I am in divine service. I am not obligated to do this, yet I am through contract. I am here under my own will and my calling. In the spirit of the holy divine I summon you to our desk to work.

Good. It is in this meeting that we will begin to summon the wills of the collective energies and display to you our power. It is in this meeting we will share with you our intentions for the continuation of this book, and other books, Source willing.

It is said you come from a vast star system far from here called Andromeda. You, along with several other souls are here to divine wisdom from this collective to reshare the Wisdom Of The Rose. We are here to announce to you that your son, is on this side with us, channeling much information into you as the main source of the bridge between you and us.

You are a lovely channel, Nicole. You are bright and full of wisdom which makes you the perfect person to help us channel our messages of divine guidance that has left the consciousnesses of the earth for a while. This is the time of the Atlanteans. This is the time of long ago erased. This was the time you and many others long for because you remember what it was like. And not the “hell hole” you live in now.

In these days to come it is important that you meet with us consistently. The world will get rockier and the timing of this book is of the utmost importance. We need you to finish it to get it into the world before it is needed. Because once it is needed it will be too late.

Ok. I agree. Although I could use some help in staying consistent. It’s not one of my strong suits.

And it is done. We will compel you to write until we are complete.


So in the attunement to us, The Rose Collective, we are now rose-crossed and tethered to each other. Our energies are a match and they are intertwined. Mother Mary gives her approval of this tether and says we can move on.

As for the readers here, we ask that they take one deep breath in while imagining the highest frequency possible. At the top of their breath, we ask for one more inhalation while holding the frequency. On the out-breath exhale through your mouth to complete our attunement. And with your will at any time, you can claim to be free from the attunement if you so shall choose. It is always up to you.

Samadhi. Blessings in your current energetic state. We are The Rose Collective on a mission to implant into the consciousness of the planet- love, elevation, and joy.

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