Aquarian Rose Academy

Welcome, Priestess. It’s time.

Your presence is required

You are invited to walk the path of the initiate of the Ancient Rose Mysteries. Come and hone your personal Priestess superpowers to contribute to the healing of the world.

In the spirit of Mary Magdalene and many other powerful women who have walked before you, you are called to usher the world into the Aquarian Age using your unique Priestess gifts

The Aquarian Rose Priestess is where two archetypes combine. She is the convergence of lineages from the Venusian Goddess templates that have been passed down through the lines of Mary Magdalene and the Moon of Mother Mary, The High Priestess, and the Empress. We have the resurgence of what these two women and many others like them had seeded many centuries ago.

We are the children of the moon and of love. Here to reinstate the values of the Christ Consciousness back to humanity through our spiritual services. It is through our embodiment of these two archetypes that we create a better world.

It is in the integration of the Higher and Lower Sophia, the Mystic and the Earthly, we heal the separation of the Earth. We are guided here to BECOME the harmony that is a unified Sophia. Personification of the Divine Wisdom.

The reclaiming of inherent and ancient wisdom.



Your entire life you’ve always felt as if you are here for a specific purpose. A purpose deeper than waking up, living life, and sleeping… for several decades in a row.

You have been drawn to the mysteries of life. Not sure how it all works, but stopping at nothing to figure it out. You’ve had a thirst for truth. The truth about where you came from, your purpose here, and maybe even the truth about religious figures’ real lives.

Have you ever imagined yourself on your deathbed, looking back on your life and feeling as if you did not live your purpose? Like you missed the boat on your calling to make the world a better place?

Yeah- I get that.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always been passionately interested in the mysteries of the divine. I couldn’t understand why there weren’t female priests. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to the lives of the many spiritual masters they taught us about. Particularly the figures of the sacred texts.

So I kept digging… and finding. Finding the reason for my existence in the soup that is the matrix web of the universe. And finding the truth that has been kept from us for millennia…

-Women are powerful holy leaders

-Divine femininity has been kept from us to suppress our power

-Mary Magdalene was a spiritual leader and had a life with Jesus  

We are here to reinstate the magic of the Goddess. The divine feminine is completely missing from our society which, I believe, has lead to the real pandemic… one of unhappiness and unfulfillment.

Right now, in a priestess-less society, we are all running around just half-human. The wounded masculine half. No more my friends. It’s time to inject the Goddess back into each other.

This is where YOU and the fulfillment of your destiny come in.

Are you ready to join the Priestess ring and step into your future?

Unlike any other Rose Priestess training out there!


Being equal parts spiritual mysteries leadership training, personal priestess gifts incubator, business mentorship, and personal spiritual experiences, you will leave this training in 13 months time fully ready to rock and roll right into the life you’re meant for. The life of a female spiritual leader.

We will turn knowledge into wisdom, and wisdom into service.


You’ve done so much inner work, you’ve healed and you’re ready to rise.

You know that in the rising comes the wisdom of the Sacred Serpent, diving into the depths to retrieve the Sacred Secrets. 

Here to invoke another’s sacred authenticity by cutting through their illusions to achieve the reality their souls came to do.

There’s no mistaking it. You’re ready. And when the student is ready, the teacher does appear.

I want to champion you as you dare to unapologetically break down the patriarchal system designed to trap you in conformity, while you build the new earth up.


It’s impossible to do this alone. Priestesses need to be in a ring. There’s no such thing as a lone priestess.

Many centuries ago in the time of Atlantis, priestesses gathered in groups at the temple, known as councils. Now that we are in the Aquarian Age, the temples are not a physical place, but something that resides inside each of us.

The need for reflection of each other, sharing the experience and honing gifts can’t happen in a vacuum. It happens in the magic of a women’s circle.

It’s about the “WE” now, not just the singular “ME”.

In this journey you won’t be alone wondering if you’re doing it right, or always fighting your fear and never really getting off the ground.

No longer will your potential be locked inside. The pain from that alone is enough to quit. And the world needs you not to quit. This new world needs you center stage ready to set out on your world-healing journey as many Priestesses Of The Rose have done before you. 

But now we do it Aquarian style.


In the Aquarian Rose Priestess Academy, I will share with you every damn thing I know about healing, mysticism, and unlocking the secrets of the universe that have been buried for millennia. I will impart on you the secrets and wisdom of the Rose Lineage that have been passed down to me.

I will give you my roadmap and be your guide on the side, every step of the way. I will show you where the secret gifts lie that will unblock the illusions in yourself and others to signal safety for your awakenings.

 When You Initiate Into The Rose Mysteries With Me, You’ll Receive:

  • 9A SUPER safe place to learn, heal, share as you discover and hone your gifts
  • 913 months of bi-weekly remote trainings (totaling 26, 2-hour calls)
  • 9Downloadable Resources To Support Your Learning
  • 9Monthly 1-1 guidance calls to use as you please
  • 9Priestess ring Mastermind group chat
  • 9Access to every group program I release in the 13 months
  • 9Priestess Purpose Chart or an extra 1-1 session if you already have one
  • 9Unlimited 1-1 DM based coaching per month during 'office hours'

“A Priestess Knows” (Wo)Manifesto 

A priestess is someone who understands the very depths of the human soul because she has been there many times herself.

She can journey back and forth and shaman other souls to their source to heal themselves.

She understands her own healing capabilities and offers them to the world.

She is a seer, a guide, a healer, and a medium.

She’s both ancestral and modern.

She has control over her emotions and leads from a neutral place, while still feeling every feeling she may be having with grace.

She understands polarities are for creation and not a club to join.

She is complete in knowing every person is already whole not needing fixing, but compassion.

She lives fearlessly in the construct that she is no better, and no less, than anyone. She is the embodiment of humility.

She doesn’t fight against, but FOR things.

Humanitarianism is her driving force.

Her reverence for spirit in all its physical forms is her faith.

She values connecting the Web of Wisdom over rote memorization of information.

She knows that service to herself serves the whole and that serving the whole first is defense mechanism for guilt and shame.

She understands that cultivating and disseminating her god-given gifts and talents is her conscious contribution to humanity and that serving herself first leads to self-full service, not selfless martyrdom.

She knows there’s unity in wild individuality.

She lives comfortably inside of paradox.

She gives reverence to history while building the new world.

She can see right down to your bone. She sees the invisible thread that ties everything together. And she sees exactly where to pull that thread to unravel the sweater of lies you’ve been holding. The sweater that keeps you little, shrunken and unfulfilled.

She’s devoted to the left-hand path, the Love Way, the Divine Feminine of Christ Consciousness.

She is wholly devoted to the healing of you, the planet and our collective.

She’s devoted her entire life to the healing through embodied wisdom.

She has priestess in her bones; in her soul. She experiences why she’s here, now remembering it all.

What are you the Priestess of? Priestess of the Future? Priestess of Healing? Priestess of Joy? Priestess of the Vessel? Priestess of Connection?


Or something else entirely all your very own?


What you’ll learn in our time together

but not limited to:

Lecture + Lab + Gift Incubator with real-life human practice clients

This 13-month training has three distinct portions.

-It’s one part Learning (know thyself)

-It’s one part Practical Application of Knowledge (creating your own Web of Wisdom)

-It’s one part Business Training (Setting you up for success)

  • PPsychic Training
  • PMoonology
  • PArcadian Numerology*
  • PScrying
  • PDivine Channel Training
  • PVibrational Healing (sound, crystal, light/plants)
  • PAttunements to Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • PBio-energetic Reading & Medical Intuition
  • PHolding Sacred Ceremonies & Anointing For Transformation
  • PEnergy Healing
  • PEmotional Alchemy
  • PLight Language
  • PMindful Marketing, Business Training, Tech Support
  • PHerstory of Divine Feminine
  • PAmple space to discover and hone your personal priestess gifts
  • PTarot Archetypal Healing*
  • PAstrology*
  • PChakra Laws/Universal Dimensions*, Astral Travel
  • PWomb Alchemy & Magick
  • PHow To Do Priestess Purpose Soul Blueprint Readings
  • PPlant Medicine Making
  • PMindfulness Meditation Training

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Don’t see something you want to learn? Just ask! Schedules are flexible and I’m happy to include more based off of what the group needs.

*indicates courses open to those outside the ring and will take place over multiple outside sessions

As you read these words, you can feel the fire inside starting to ignite. You understand there’s a purpose for your past experiences. You feel the knowing deep in your bones. You have done this many lifetimes before. It’s time for your karma to take its rightful place as you finish out what you started millenia ago.

To reinstate the Divine Feminine, to evoke Feminine Christ Consciousness as a Christed Grail Priestess of the Mystical Rose.

In 13 months, you can expect to: 


Unleash the full force and power of your own sacred holiness  

✓ Claim your own sacredness as a full expression of Source 

✓ Remember who you truly are as the powerful Priestess-Shaman

✓ Be fully connected to who you are and your connection to Source

✓ Discover and hone your personal priestess powers that were bestowed especially to you

✓ Fully understand the power of your presence to clear the illusion many people believe holds them back.

✓ Become a free-standing, well prepared Aquarian Rose Priestess Practitioner


Once I show you how to anchor your own light into the world, you’ll be on your way to finding your forever peace through your potential actualized. You only have to agree to one thing: That you agree that you’re not less or more than anyone else and that your priestess powers are unique to you. That the places that you feel broken are actually your greatest gifts to healing the rest of the world.

Because when the world is unleashed into its true wholeness, we can finally see a place where everyone is abundant, well and inspired to create.

Many payment options available. Ask if you don’t see your preferred option.

Package Pricing Breakdown

Based off my $222/hr rate. Possible future in-person meetups are not calculated (not mandated, but fun!). See FAQ for details

53 hours of training
Monthly 1-1 coaching call
Unlimited 1-1 chat-based coaching (during business hours)
2- 90 min Student-priestess observations with live client
Group Chat Support for 13 months
Total before group discount
Your Investment

Many payment options are available. Just chat me up @spiritualicity or email 

We can set up monthly payments and down/commitment payments, just message me first for bespoke payment options. 

Frequently Asked Qs

How do I know I'm ready for this?

Honestly, the way you know you’re ready for this is if you understand that your future is your responsibility. If you have been looking for a way to serve humanity and believe this is the right avenue for you, then the universe will move mountains to get you here. So you need to trust vehemently in your own soul and your capabilities to see this through. I know you can. 

Why do I need to initiate?

This is about to sound like a bunch of hogwash, but this is the source-honest truth. When you initiate, the energy of this ancient rose lineage the power of many women who initiated into the lineage before you, comes in like a wave of forward momentum. The act of initiation is a conscious choice and signifies to Spirit that you are willing to commit to being a self-full servant.

The initiation picks you up and carries you forward multiple times faster on our path. We can accelerate our progress with the power of conscious initiation. It is a very ancient technology for accelerating spiritual evolution.

Encoded inside of every initiation is the promise of awakening and harnessing our gifts, and being in full self-full service, and self-mastery. Initiations anchor your light in the world.

When will the course be held?

The welcome class starts on the Spring Equinox 3/20. Classes will most likely be held between 8am-1pm Pacific time. A locked down time and day will be what works for the group. All classes will be recorded if you miss one and you can always pop in the portal.

Do I need any prior healing knowledge?

No. While you do need some level of self-healing wisdom, you do not have to already be a working healer to be considered. This is a place to discover and hone your gifts under my tutilage and started from scratch is the best blank slate there is!

What if I have a question not asked here?

Easy! Just email and I will get back to you in a jiff 😉

I'm really fucking scared

I get it. Committing to yourself is terrifying. I signed up and unsigned up to my own Priestess training quite a few times before I decided I didn’t want to go on if I couldn’t allow myself to do what I knew my soul desperately wanted. And not to mention, what better way to to learn to lead than within a circle of other women in the exact same place as you. And I’ll always lean heavily on this truth. YOU CANNOT PRIESTESS ALONE. Counsils are why this magic works.

The better question is, what will I feel if I don’t show myself I matter to me by committing and following your soul pulls? Does it keep serving my soul to play small?

Will you be doing this again?

To be completely honest, I am not sure. My plans in this moment are to train priestesses this year because they are desperately needed in the coming months with the world in the shape it’s in. I see myself coming back to this in a few years after I write my book and see where that takes me. I have a few promises I’ll make to you though, I will ALWAYS be completely honest and transparent with you. 

Why the big price tag?

All initiations take a sacrifice. Sacra meaning sanctified or holy. You in your I AM Presence, sacrifice something so that you can change into something else.

You must lose something in order to gain something. You become accepting of that which you are losing whilst your wisdom tells you that within that sacrifice you’ve sealed your fate into change. Sacrifice is a commitment.

Initiation is about facing your fears. And this will test the limits of how much of your pure essence you’re willing to experience. The money acts as an anchor to keep you in when the going gets tough. In old days you could just not stand the tests of imitation, but these days, if you’re in, you’re in. And you will inevitably want to quit and think you have no place doing this work. And the money is the commitment. It’s the sacrifice. It’s what makes you continue when you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

Not to mention, we make it a practice not to work for free. That is the old paradigm of impoverished monks taking the vows of poverty because it used to be seen as holy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Experiencing life is holy and in this day and age, money is the medium in which we can express our desires. I need support to continue to do my work, just as you soon will. We are trading equal energy to be divinely supported. And with over 48 hours of time, it is more than fair. 

Is there a retreat?

 Given the state of the world, I am hesitant to price in a retreat and then not be able to deliver the retreat would be bad juju in my book. So once we are all together, we can decide as a council, whether or not we desire in -person training in a spiritual location. I know I crave this. But like I said I do not want to charge for something I can’t promise. If we all decide to do it, I will coordinate a retreat and there will be an “at-cost” fee. Meaning there is no added margin to line my pockets. Just straight time and location fees and will provide you a line item sheet of the charges. You will however, need to provide your own transportation there. 

I honestly think that in-person training is beneficial in terms of learning sacred ceremonies and anointing. There is also something magical about our energies together, initiating into a very ancient lineage adorned in beautiful ceremonial garb and mother nature herself. We’ll decide together though! (I’m feeling Maui though how about you? 😉


What others are saying

Through her work and mentoring, Nikki gave me the confidence to believe in myself and realize my potential. She wove her magic, and three parts came together without me even realizing it. Nikki has led me on a path of self-realization showing me I AM good enough for the things I want in my life. She gave me tools I can use for the rest of my life and I’m forever grateful!

Jess R., Martinez California

Nikki is a natural-born healer! A session with her is a powerful experience and transformation.  It only took her one session to help me understand what was necessary to move on and to flush out the emotions that were bottled up inside me. It’s like she took one look at me and intuitively knew what I needed to do to heal. Following her advice make me feel real and things are flowing in an unexpected way (in a good way, I might say!). Nikki! Thanks a million, times for your help. I really appreciate it.

Aline M., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No matter what I need to know, do or feel… Nikki always has the perfect response to help unlock the true healer within me. She’s always encouraging in the most direct and loving way. She was able to intuitively tap into me and immediately knew what would assist in me in my healing. I’ve received so many downloads from Nikki specifically to me from my spirit team. Working with Nikki always teaches me something new and at the same time eases my anxiety to help me take the next step in my life. She’s a healer of the mind, body AND spirit!

Marissa B., Corona CA

I can’t wait for you to join me inside the ring!! xx

About Nikki White, MA

About Nikki White, MA

Priestess of Secrets

Hi there, I’m Nikki White, a priestess of the ancient rose lineage, spiritual teacher, psychic, energy healer, shamanka, and artist. On this crazy ride around the sun, I’ve had a windy path, and have put a lot of experiences in my napsack. I hold a master’s degree in education and visual arts and has been a certified life coach for 8 years. All of these skills I’ve been perfecting since childhood and have turned my knowledge into practical at-home trainings for you. My main goal is to make my client’s dreams come true by leveraging the new laws of the universe with ancient wisdom. Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, I can guide you there.

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