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Alchemize Your Vibe

Discover your superpowers for healing your core wounds so you can

easily manifest the life you desire!

Your true superpower within you has not been forgotten, but nobody ever taught it to you.

And nobody taught your mother, and her mother and her mother.

Our sacred superpowers have been kept from us by our broken society.

Speaking from experience, it’s SUPER FUCKING HARD to manifest the life of your dreams if you have been severely wounded in your life and have had very little practical guidance for becoming resilient to that pain.

Our society’s way of dealing with pain for the last several MILLENIA is to bypass it. Make it go away ASAP. Separate, disassociate and isolate far far away.

This behavior is precisely why it’s impossible to manifest a life you want. These cultural behaviors create so much shame, abandonment, and they create more behaviors that become a vicious cycle of hating yourself, with a constant current of sour dissatisfaction. 

One unhealthy belief and behavior cycle after another and you’re stuck in a pain loop that whirls you around like the tumble dry cycle on the clothes dryer. It feels like there’s no way out of it until the dryer stops (when you’re dead).

These beliefs and behaviors caused by our unhealthy dealing with them (or lack thereof I should say) make it so you A) cannot see how gorgeous the universe is co-creating your life with you (and you hate every person that tells you it’s your birthright to be abundant) and B) your underlying vibe is sending out massively mixed signals to the universe bringing back into your awareness, only what your subconscious believes on the inside (which is out of your awareness completely.

If you’re sick and fucking tired of this bullshit pain that haunts you and never seems to find it’s resting place, then you need to join me for 12 weeks in an interactive healing container, as together we alchemize this shit and reclaim our vibe that has been stolen from us once and for ALL. 

Journaling, inner child work, therapy, reading books, psychics, healers, you’ve tried it all. You need to heal and you know it, but nothing seems to set your life into motion. Let me tell you, all of those modalities don’t work unless you apply your own secret superpowers first. 

God has not left you out of the abundance. God didn’t make you unhealable, unlovable or unworthy. It made you fucking UNSTOPPABLE despite the pain.

I know it feels like nothing ever works. That you’re always swimming upstream. That you never get your way or what you want and how you want it. You’re always battling the inner demons and just trying to find the motivation to do the damn laundry or go grocery shopping. The constant sadness, depression and anxiety is real and nearly impossible to multitask and meet your life’s goals with them. It’s debilitating!!!


In Alchemize Your Vibe, I will share with you every damn thing I know about healing deep deep wounds through the roadmap of how I did it. I will show you where your secret portals to your feelings that will unblock the energetic pathways your ego has mucked up to keep you safe. 

Once I show you how to alchemize all my personal success tools for healing deep wounds, you’ll be on your way to finding your forever peace. You only have to agree to one thing: That you agree that you’re not broken and there’s nothing to fix, expel, exorcise to get rid of from your persona. This is about integration. Not about separation. 

 I want to show you how powerful the feelings you’ve learned to fear really are.

I want to champion you as you dare to unapologetically break down the mental system designed to trap you in conformity.

You’ll be safely supported to explore the true bravery you possess. It’s takes a courageous woman to look her wounds in the face and invite them to stay instead of separating from her own story. 

Your story is your power. Your alchemized wounds are your impact to the world. Getting the life you want is within reach when the paradox of allowing pain in but asking it to take a backseat on the bus so YOU can drive. Glorious, wonderful, radiant YOU!


When You Alchemize Your Vibe With Me, You’ll Receive:

  • 9A SUPER safe place to learn, heal, share (if you desire to) and alchemize your pain
  • 912x 90 minute group healing calls
  • 9Downloadable Resources To Support Your Learning
  • 9Meditation for discovering your gifts
  • 9Recommended books for additional reading
  • 9Private group for support from your new friends
  • 93x full moon circles for Moonifesting & Pain Releasing where there will be activities and a card reading
  • 9Choice of 6 1-hour private calls or a private ongoing text chat


As you read these words, you can feel the fire inside starting to ignite. You understand there’s a purpose for your pain. That the swimming upstream will end and flow will reinstate within you again. There’s room for your wounds. And I’ll show you where they should go.

In 12 weeks, you can expect to: 


Unleash the full force and power of your own holiness  

✓ Reclaim your own sacredness as a full expression of Source 

✓ Redefine what has power over you (hint: it’s not your trauma!)

✓ Remember who you truly are as the powerful self-healer

✓ Restore your confidence so you can make an impact in your life and in the world

✓ Be fully connected to who you are and your connection to Source

✓ Begin to unblock your energy so you can manifest the life of your dreams

✓ Fully understand the power of alchemy to get what you want, be who you want, and live in the world free from what holds you back.


Join me today for this journey of alchemizing and awakening. You can choose to pay in full, or split the investment over monthly payments. 

Class Curriculum:

All of the below but not limited to: 

Wisdom Section

Week 1: Identity, feelings and emotions

Week 2: If I run around like a crazy lady, will you love me more? (shame work)

Week 3: Your true identity is under that trauma somewhere (being okay with ego death)

Week 4: Personal Superpower Discovery

Alchemizing Section

Week 5: Ego death-the power of allowing (to feel)

Week 6: Your many selves

Week 7: Integrating wounds

Week 8: Why decisions are so damn hard (grief and loss)

Manifesting Section

Week 9: Manifesting with creativity

Week 10: Manifesting (desire)

Week 11: Manifesting (action)

Week 12: Manifesting (receiving)


  • 2 group coaching sessions focused on intgrating
  • 3x new and full moon circles for Moonifesting & Pain Releasing where there will be activities and a card reading
  • Skill worksheets
  • Healing tools
  • Pain letters
  • Art exercises for self discovery

Frequently Asked Qs

How do I know I'm ready for this?

Honestly, the way you know you’re ready for this is if you understand that your life is your responsibility. What happened to you is not your fault, but the gravity your pain has over you is your responsibility to alchemize. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and learn the tools for a life change over the fear of ego death, then you’re ready.

When will the course be held?

The welcome class starts 11/24 and a link will be sent out. After that, we will all agree on a solid time for everyone. All classes will be recorded if you miss one and you can always pop in the Facebook group for support.

Do I need any prior therapy knowledge?

Nope! Because this is sooooo not therapy. I will teach you the concepts you need to understand in order to use them as healing tools. Then we will have discussion, exercises and Q&A for support.

What if I have a question not asked here?

Easy! Just email and I will get back to you in a jiff 😉

I'm really fucking scared

I get it. Looking at your wounds is terrifying. But what better way to heal than with somebody who has gone through this exact thing before and can lead you out safely. The better question is, where will I be and what feelings will I have in 12 weeks if I DON’T do this? Does it keep serving me to play small?

I have a one billion percent guarantee that this is a safe space with an experienced healer. This is why the group is so small, when we have intimate settings, we often feel more powerful in our wounds and have fewer feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety. I gotchu, I promise <3

Will you be doing this again?

Yes, most likely I’ll keep running this on a rolling basis. The only catch here is this is the only time it’ll be this inexpensive. I intend on making this a full-blown high-level mastermind, so if you get in now as my flagship group, you get mastermind level work for a pre-recorded DIY course price!

What others are saying

About half way through AYV I realised this and it shocked me, I hadn’t realised to what extent I had never formed a solid identity for myself as someone who was thrown into adulthood at a very young age I always looked externally to other adults to tell me who I was and give me validation. I am not in that place anymore and feel like a blank slate excited for the future, excited to sit with myself in the stillness of my now calm mind and find my future self, the me who speaks from a place of solid belief and sovereignty, who is happy in her own body and mind, the Me that I have been waiting for, the Me that Nikki and the AYV ladies helped me find.

Read full testimonial here

Gemma W.- Wales, GB

Before finding Nikki and her Alchemize your vibe class, I simply hated myself inside and out. For so long I had struggled with being anxious and depressed. I always longed for happiness without fear of having the other shoe drop the second I found that happiness. I was at a point in my life where I felt rock bottom was all that was left for me. I wasn’t functioning, and my manifesting abilities were only getting me into a worse position. I was even apprehensive to join because I was worried I would invest in another failure for myself. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I was welcomed with the widest open arms ever. I found my soul sisters and was able to connect to the world.

The person I was 12 weeks before would have doubted the possibility of being as happy as I am now. Feeling accepted and having people help me get back up when I was down changed everything in me. Learning everything I needed to make me a better person, I am no longer desperate to be accepted or loved because I found it within myself. Things have begun falling into place and my manifesting abilities have never been better. Using practical tools to be able to build good boundaries for myself have stopped the emotional vampires from feeding off my light. The divine feminine in you will thank you for finding her and letting her live where she deserves. I didn’t believe I would ever make my life work for me; I always felt I worked for it, nothing but a punching bag for the universe to hit at its leisure. Now everything works for me, because I tell it to, because I believe it to.

I am nowhere near a perfect person, but the lessons I have learned from AYV have built such a strong foundation for me to build a beautiful life and keep my soul nurtured that bad days no longer last more than a day. I have never been this happy in my whole life, and it’s all thanks to AYV and Nikki’s love, guidance, and knowledge. This is the one experience in my life that will forever be worth it because I learned to be exactly who I was meant to. 

Aria J.- Camarillo, CA

AYV amazed me every week. Not one week where I didn’t feel like showing up or didn’t make it. I made AYV and me a priority and the result is I now feel good and now know with every cell in my body that I’m enough. I believe everything will work out for me and my business even though I don’t know how.

Nikki is such an amazing soul, teacher, leader, and coach. The way she cares and authentically shares herself, her experience, and her journey are so unique – like no other I have ever met. I think the part where I realized how much my ego has kept me locked in fear, in believing that nothing works for me and I have to work extra hard, was the biggest game-changer for me. The switch to instead seeing my own changes, power, and how much I am capable of when embracing my own female power instead of doing the hardcore masculine way that so clearly doesn’t work for me.

Read full testimonial here

Pernille S.- Denmark

I can’t wait for you to join me!! xx

About Nikki White, MA

About Nikki White, MA

Priestess of Secrets

Hi there, I’m Nikki White, a priestess of the ancient rose lineage, spiritual teacher, psychic, energy healer, medicinal aromatherapist, and artist. On this crazy ride around the sun, I’ve had a windy path, and have put a lot of experiences in my napsack. I hold a master’s degree in education and visual arts and has been a certified life coach for 8 years. All of these skills I’ve been perfecting since childhood and have turned my knowledge into practical at-home trainings for you. My main goal is to make my client’s dreams come true by leveraging the new laws of the universe with ancient wisdom. Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, I can guide you there.

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