About Me

Healing used to be the biggest mystery to me; my lifelong goal, the relentless search for the tonic that would make me feel complete.

I was a woman obsessed with her healing journey, forever searching, never finding.

Until the day I realised it was the wounds themselves I was obsessed with. The cure would never present itself because I was too attached to the ailment – of course I am, it’s part of me. My wounds hold lessons, guidance, priceless secrets.

I spent so much time running away from my pain by trying to fix myself. On my journey and initiation into Priestesshood, the real “fix” became clear. You can walk the path of self discovery your entire life, but until you choose to let it lead you to total acceptance of your pain, the secrets of your inner power and potential will never be revealed. 

This is what I am here to help you with. A magician never reveals his secrets, a Priestess ALWAYS reveals hers. 



If you choose to walk with me, I will guide you into your own Temple of wisdom. The space inside of you locked tight that can reveal to you your truest and most potent potential. Through understanding, accepting and learning to love your pain, you carve the keys to this Temple. 


I will always be wounded, but my wounds no longer control and sabotage me anymore. Instead they walk behind me, representing my strength, courage, fulfillment of purpose and ability to accomplish anything. They are the building blocks of true confidence. The blueprint of my wisdom. 


Allow me to share with you my secrets, and lead you to personal liberty.

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