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I consider chronic stress a disease. To me, no illness is more contagious than a stressed out person. We can even pass it along to our dogs if we’re not mindful!

To give you a little mind/body background, here are the 10 quick and dirty points of how stress works in the body.

  1. Your brain senses danger and sends signals to the adrenal glands
  2. Your adrenal glands release cortisol and other stress hormones
  3. Those hormones travel through your bloodstream which makes your heart beat faster and raises your blood pressure
  4. Simultaneously, your body sends signals to your gut to stop digestion, which changes your gut bacteria, which in turn makes you and your dog susceptible to disease (most of our immune system is in our gut)
  5. As the cortisol elevates in your brain, it activates electrical signals in the learning, memory keeping and stress control center, and shrinks it! Leaving you less able to deal with future stress
  6. Your synaptic connections start to go away. Ever feel like you just. can’t. compute.?
  7. Your prefrontal cortex shrinks, which regulates concentration, decision making, judgment, and social interactions
  8. Your blood sugar is spiked, causing inflammation, and feeds a host of other illnesses like cancer and diabetes
  9. All this shrinking sets the stage for more serious mental problems such as depression and Alzheimers.
  10. Stress also filters all the way down to your DNA, and shrinks the telomeres (Keeping them around keeps you from aging and later, dying)

So I know what you’re thinking. “Uggggh Nik, why tell me these things, because stress is inevitable and now I feel guilty/I also I hate you, thanks”.

Your Most Powerful Weapons Against Stress

Well, you may be right about sudden stress being inevitable, BUT I do have two very easy things to reverse the effects chronic stress has on the body. Both are things you can do with your dog to help reverse their stress too. Your most powerful weapons are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Essential oils
  3. Mindfulness meditation

Magic! Both of these activities reduce the stress that’s happening right now, AND they both increase the parts of the brain that shrunk in the above 10 steps (your memory, future stress response and learning)! And what else is so so cool that I just love… Meditation also stimulates the production of telomerase… the enzyme that repairs the telomeres (point 10) and keeps you young and healthy! How cool is that!

I devised an easy 30-day program to get your stress, body and bond with your dog tight and back on track!

What you get:

  • 30 Days of mindfulness exercises that utilize your dog as your tool and your teacher
  • 30 Days of low carb recipes that I personally use that come with…
  • 30 days of coordinating ingredients to put in your dog’s bowl too! (go grocery shopping for everyone in the house, only once!)
  • Plus lots of fun bonuses… but you’ll have to sign up to be notified to hear about those 😉

Sign up here so I can let you know when it’s coming out. So stay tuned in the next few weeks for the exciting launch!


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